Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's just call it creating :)

notice the library tag on the left that my children ripped out of their book...

These are the two notebooks I made pretty for Cat :)


  1. you are so clever - something so simple can look so pretty with just a little bit of love.

    Clever you :)

  2. Oh I love them! The one is already permanently in my handbag - thanks again. Love the creative photos too!

  3. This looks so pretty...and it is made with LOVE!

  4. You are so creative - they look so cool.

  5. I am inspired just looking at all the "pretty" in those pictures!

    I am trying desperately to get caught up in a few other areas so I can break out some crafting by this weekend. Can't wait!!!

    [P.S. I got an extension on the coupon code I had for my photo books. I let them know about all the technical difficulties I've been having. They suggested using a different browser...and gave me two more weeks on my coupon! I'm going to try to beat that, of course, but their customer service rocks. :) ]

  6. Love them!! What a simple, cute idea. I might have to 'pretty up' the notebooks we carry around for the girls to doodle in at restaurants, etc.

  7. Stay tuned... tomorrow I have TONS planned to work on. :)

  8. So bright, fun and happy! Go you...! I am joining you tomorrow btw...after my morning run I will be in my craft room!

    My (sadly neglected) scrapblog is if you wanna take a looksee! :-)

  9. Very cool. You are really getting into this in a big way. Go you!


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