Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybe I'm just a prude

I go to a Zumba class on Wed nights at the gym.

Well, that's the aim, anyway.

By the way, my medical aid sent me a rude letter to tell me I need to go 4 times by the end of Sept or I will revoke my membership so I have to get more diligent with this.

There's this thing they do in class - a move where your elbows are at right angles to your body and you pump your hands outwards (boom boom) while you do this move with your hips and bum.

Do you Zumba girls know the move I'm talking about?

For me it just feels so lewd.

I don't do it properly on purpose - I just do the arms.


You know what else I HATE about these dance classes?

When the instructors make you grab a partner and dance together.

I am HUGELY independent in these situations and hate 1) touching other sweaty people (I know what I feel and smell like...) 2) trying to dance with people who are all there for a laugh because I don't follow well and I need someone REALLY good to lead me.

What I really want to do when they say, "grab a partner" is hightail it out of there.

But I don't want to be rude (or miss out the rest of the lesson) so I look around and get the nearest good person.

There was a girl there tonight who just totally ignored the instructor and carried on dancing all by herself.

And she was really good so it's not like she was scared.

I admired her chutzpah tremendously so at a break in the class (drink water while he changes CDs) I told her, "I LOVE the way you're just doing your own thing".

She smiled and said, "you mean instead of playing along with these ridiculous games?"

We both laughed!

Good to know I'm not the only one who hates those partnering things.

Do you dance? Even if you don't, do you like partnering with people?


  1. I dance at home and not in public. At home I partner with my sons and I lead. Even if I did dance in public I would not like a partner. I don't think you are a prude if there are moves that make you uncomfortable.
    I did a bit of zumba at home some months ago - my friend borrowed me her DVD. Perhaps I didn't give it enough of a chance but I really didn't like it. Found it too fast and I felt that I had to think so much about the moves! Maybe I will try again. I might have a different experience now that I am a bit fitter than I was then...

  2. Years ago we did ballroom / latin american dancing. At the first dance school we had our own partners and that was fine. The second, they make you change partners every so often and boy did I hate that. I clearly remember this older dude who was chewing his chewing gum with his mouth open and breathing right into my face. Eeeuw! The last dance school which was Fred Astaire my hubby and I each had our own instructor and that was fine. When it is my choice I'm happy to dance with somebody else. When it is forced on me with creepy people - not so much!

  3. I've only done a Zumba class one time, and they didn't make us partner up (thank goodness). BUT--I do lots of different workout classes, and sometimes they want you to find a partner.

    I hate it!

    It's so awkward! Suddenly I'm transported back to grade school music class, where no one would be my partner when we square danced, because I was a foot taller than everyone else in my class.

    I just wanna work out! I wish they'd just pair people up for me, OR just avoid partner stuff all together. I'm with you (and that girl in your class) much rather just do my own thing! :)

  4. I love to dance with or without a partner. I love to dance but I tried this Zumba thing once and it is just not for me because I want to dance my way and not be instructed.

  5. Hehe, I used to love the Special K dance classes at Planet Fitness, but OMW, I think I was a laughing show for all the others, as I just could never keep up ;)

    Yuck, I would also not like to touch other sweaty people, thats just gross...

  6. Thank goodness I have not been asked to "partner" up - I really do not like things like that.

  7. I do NOT like partnering up on anything! I would much rather do it my own way and at my own pace. I'm not a very good dancer, so a class where I learn all the moves is the way to go for me. I would still hate partnering, unless it was with my best friend or my sister. : )

  8. I'm an awful dance I can't seem to let anyone else (i.e. my husband!) lead! Hahaha!!! It's just not my nature! :) :)

    And I've never been to a class like that, but I definitely have a thing about avoiding touching sweaty people! :)

  9. I don't think you're a prude at all...if some of the moves make you feel uncomfortable do like that girl and just do your own thing.

    As for partnering...the only person I dance with is my DH and at a stretch my sons....and I love dancing.

  10. ew...all the reasons i don't go to zumba.

    there is no freaking way i'd touch another person...ick.


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