Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting blog friends

I must say, there's something strange about meeting bloggers you've been reading for awhile.

On the one hand, you're strangers but on the other hand, you're closer to them than some of your real life friends.

Very weird.

And so it was that I met Cat yesterday.

I will tell you that she was on my list (doesn't it sound ominous?) of people to meet since last year and (this is dorky, even for me) when I realised that we were going to meet up late in Aug and miss my 36 things list, I said, quite loud in the office, "oh NO!"

This plan has been set up for months now - I think June actually!

On my 36 things list, I had that I wanted to meet 3 bloggers. I did... but I had not been reading Gina and Laura when I met them at the photo workshop and my intention was actually to meet 3 bloggers whose blogs I already read.

We met at Bambanani and here it is, my second good children/ play spot. We're now sorted for venues both in the East and West of Jhb.


Lovely venue. Childminders were fantastic, food was good, lots of different areas for the kids, and not too far from us.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, onto the meeting.

Cat is an incredible mother - so centred and calm and loving. I loved watching her with her kids. In a non-weird way.

She was exactly how I imagined - down-to-earth, lovely and authentic. And she brought me a gift! I won't say what but it is a beautiful "acts of service" type of gift :) which I will take a pic of soon.

And the kids? GORGEOUS, all of them, and so well-mannered and independent.

(I feel very old when I talk about manners but hey, manners impress the heck out of me)

We had a lovely afternoon eating and taking pics and refereeing and occasionally running after one of mine (Connor).

I say occasionally because it was a family outing for us and Kendra was attached to D like a limpet.

We all loved the venue and even after Cat's family left, mine still ran around some more.

Will there be a next time?

I hope so because I would love that.

I'm getting quite a kick out of meeting South African bloggers - my first 3 were all US :)

Do you like meeting bloggers, or do you like to keep the sections of your life separate?

PS how was your weekend?


  1. Very cool that you met Cat. To be honest, when I started reading blogs and blogging, meeting fellow bloggers was the last thing on my mind. For a long time I kept my online life and irl stuff separate. It's only recently that I've started to combine the two. And actually, it's been really cool! Am no longer anxious at the thought of it.
    Weekend was lovely. Way too busy, didn't get to do everything that I planned. Spent most of today in bed. Eating. Pinning. Tweeting. Reading. Watching Greys. Was glorious.

  2. I think this would be so much fun! Glad it went so well! There are a few blogger friends I would like to meet IRL! My weekend went pretty good! Can't believe it is almost over! Tomorrow starts a crazy busy time at work! :( Have a great week Marcia!

  3. Yes there are a couple I would like to meet but I don't know any from New Zealand, so it would be a long way to travel.

  4. So glad you had such fun with Cat!

    I would LOVE to meet some of my bloggy friends in person! I'm not sure anyone lives very close to me, though...but maybe once the girls are a little older and we can do a little more travelling as a family...

    We had a great weekend! Farmer's market and out to breakfast (for J and me / a snack for the girls) on Saturday morning, and dinner out Saturday night...then a great meeting today with our MoMs group. I'm TIRED, but it was fun! :)

  5. I love meeting other bloggers!

  6. Cat is divine, isn't she? I loved spending time with her too. And I love that we are just growing closer and closer coz we chat via FB so often.

    I have met quite few bloggers, and i can honestly say that I have enjoyed every meeting. I am a lot closer to some of them than I am to some of my friends IRL.

    great that you found another kid friendly place - sounds like a winner day you had.

  7. Most of my friends are bloggers :)

    I started blogging when I got divorced and lost alot of friends and then met lots through blogging :)

    I love it!

  8. Oh Marcia, thanks so much for meeting is. It was truly lovely and thank for the kind words. Will blgo today if I get a bit more than one moment.

  9. Yeah! Cat is awesome! That is exactly how I picure her. Very down-to-earth and calm.

    I hope to be one of those bloggers you meet someday!!!

    And manners are very important to us in our family as well. Everyone knows how much we impress manners on our children and that we really prefer our daughter's friends that have very good manners. The last part we don't make obvious except to our daughter.

  10. How that you were able to meet her! I haven't met any yet, but wouldn't be against it. It may be a matter of whether or not they want to meet ME!

  11. I am so glad you met Cat...she is lovely. I love meeting my blog friends...and hopefully we will meet too in the coming year.

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  13. Sounds like you guys had a great time - I'm really looking forward to meeting you, and cat is on my "list" of bloggers I'd love to meet too.


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