Monday, August 01, 2011

A miracle has to happen tomorrow morning

I have to be up, dressed, ready and at a venue 35 - 45 mins away.

By 7:30.

And be sparkling and "on".

For the person who ambles in sometime between 9 and 9:30, this is going to be interesting.

Best I get to sleep.


Nanny V was off sick Friday and today (we got an SMS at 11:33 last night - good thing my phone was still on) so we were scrambling.

We were going to book the kids in at D's work's creche (R300 for the 2 kids for the day) but Kendra woke up at 2:30, feverish, so that was a no-no.

Funny, we'd just made the decision about the creche when I started thinking like I couldn't possibly abandon my kids at a new place for the entire day.

But what choice did we have? I have a total of 2 days in the office (now 2 0.5 days left) this week and tons of work.

I worked like crazy and left at 3 with only 1 thing left on my work to-do list (this from the 28 things I had 2 weeks ago) - I feel so victorious.

D volunteered to stay home today for the morning shift and went to rest when I got home.

Apparently they had fun but even a sick Kendra is a very bossy Kendra.

"No, Connor, no sitting on couch"

D - "there's space for BOTH of you on the couch"

K - "no, Daddy!"

Oh my word!

And also Connor said to D who pretended to take a raisin off his high chair, "No, Daddy! No eating Connor's raisins".

I still love the talking though, even the bossy talking.

I now know why there are so many 3-year age gaps between siblings. It's because they get so darn cute at two that the parents start thinking it's a good idea to have another.

I mentioned my theory to D who said to me very firmly, "I am SO done. I have absolutely no desire for another baby. None!"


Really, is there anything cuter than age 2?


PS The personal trainer and I are no more... I am exactly the same weight I was a month ago on 1 July, 60.6. On 1 June I was 61.2.

PPS I'm wondering if I should do a monthly goals link up for the month ahead. I know I like the accountability and group support. Would you participate by linking your goals and then at the end of the month how it all went? Don't get thrown by the word "goals" - let's just say, things you'd like to get done this month.

How's your Monday been? What's going on in your life?


  1. Good luck getting up early. That's a tough one. The Goals linkup is a good idea. I say go for it!

  2. Aaw, very cute! Glad to see my house isn't the only one where a lot of the talking happens to be back chat. ;-)

    And, did you manage to sparkle so early in the morning?

  3. Hope you were all sparkly and raring to go this morning - with no sick kids or nanny.

    And yes, they are even cuter at 5 - well mine is anyway!

  4. I had a great work Monday - got heaps done. I guess that is what a few hours of good sleep will do.

    And yes, wait for 4 - to be that was the start of really great times.

    Gosh and I am scared to do the goals link up.

  5. Z is 4,5 and so far they just get better and better, although mine are very different. Ava is just utterly adorable, hilarious and naughty, but I just love how one's relationship with them develops as they get older and more mature and start to get a proper sense of humour,etc. I'm sure eventually I'll be sad but I also love that they are now both so independent and I don't need to be with them all the time and do everything for them.
    If you want to lose weight then my only advice is to start running. There is no other exercise that will allow you to burn as many calories in such a short time. The weight loss might not be immediate or dramatic but it will be lasting.I DO NOT watch what I eat at all (even had 2,5!! Woolies doughnuts yesterday) and my weight is perfect IMO(168cm tall and weigh 55kg). I do admit that I run a lot - about 60-70km/week but I love running and it's what keeps me sane.

  6. Bahahahahaaaa...I have NO IDEA why people have more kids after they realize what's involved with one. It's amazing that they do it after potty training alone!

  7. I totally get the wanting more kids after this age. But then, part of me says...oh, how hard it would be to start over with a tiny little baby who can't interact or do anything fun. : )

    I do love this stage, and yes, even the bossy talking is fun. M told my mom to "sit down right now" at lunch the other day, then she added, "I'm gonna have to give you a spanking..." So wrong, but so hilarious.

    I could probably do a monthly link-up...I don't know how much I'd get accomplished, but I DO need to be thinking about stuff I need to get done.

  8. There is something cuter than a 2yr old. My favourite age thus far has been 5.
    Do the monthly goals thing...

  9. Yes! Age 3 is cuter - and makes you want to have babies more :)

    I would be interested in the goal link up, too. I have lost no weight but a lot of inches this summer with the "Couch to 5 K" program - running is my new favorite sport. Google it and check out the website plan - it really is doable!

  10. I know you had issues with the personal trainer... but did you know that only 20% of weight loss is ever attributed to exercise? I was quite shocked to hear that. 80% of weight loss comes from dietary changes, in other words, you can exercise until you are blue in the face, you my not lose a gram!

  11. Kendra and Tommy sound so alike!!! Tommy is becoming the bossy one of the two, especially if he's not feeling well. The other day we were leaving and I gave a generic, "OK boys, turn off the TV, let's go." as they both know how to turn off the TV when their show is over. I look over and see Tommy going to turn it off and he goes to Liam, "No, Eeeum. No touch TV." and he repeats that a few times. The day before I heard him say to Liam when their daddy was in the bathroom, "No, Eeeum. No touch. Daddy potty." I'm always trying to tell them to leave the bathroom door alone when their father is in the bathroom. So when the TV incident came up I said to Tommy, "Who made you the boss of Liam?" He looked at me like I was crazy. Then again, Liam looks at his brother like, "Whatever, I'll do what I want when you walk away."


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