Tuesday, August 02, 2011

My goals for August

Looking at my July goals, I got to 9 out of 12. Woohoo, considering it was such a crazy, horrible month. Esp the website business.

Moving on...

To all you helpful guys encouraging me to run.... I hate running. Hate feeling my more-than-ample bum moving, hate the itching, hate hate hate. Oh, and I have useless knees from too much aerobics in my youth :)

I'm actually really encouraged that I maintained my weight in July. Considering the month I've had where I have not cared a JOT what I ate, the stress I've been under, less than satisfactory sleep (not 8 hours a night - I know, kill me), parties, socials, etc, I'm surprised I didn't gain 2 kg!

I had to restrain myself from only starting with the goals link-up next month since it's already the 2nd :)

This is going to be good for me - to keep myself accountable.

There are no "rules" for this - just write a post saying what you want to accomplish and link up.

Remember, big or small all counts. And let's support one another.

Right, here we go. My goals for August.

1. Organising workshops Sat 17/9 & Tues 20/9 – get at least 15 people booked for each if you can help me spread the word I would LOVE that (the one on 20th is virtual so you can participate no matter where you are in the world)
2. Commission designer for book cover still getting quotes in - I've had 2, waiting for number 3. Do you know any good people? Email me
3. Get book proofread by D
4. Do church talk – work-life balance if you can make it on Mon 15th, come along
5. Work through Organise your Home system and update in time to relaunch in Sept. Get designer to do new graphics, etc.
6. Go on 2 dates with D
7. Social – Fert babies supper, lunch with R, lunch with R & kids, H&E birthday party
8. Get dresser painted turquoise
9. Hair – Brazilian treatment (no, it's not a South African thing - I saw it on another US blog too :))and one other
10. Read 5 books
11. Decide on and book Dec holiday
12. Gym 9 times/ lose 1.5 kg (basically, every Wed and Sat morning in Aug)

What are your goals for August?

P.S. There's about 5 of us in on the Happiness Project - I'm waiting for the author to send me the "book club" guide so we have some thing to work along.


  1. hmmmm....maybe i should do this. i really just have a hard time actually creating MEASURABLE and realistic goals. i'm much too vague. but trying to get better :)

  2. Have you spoken to @Beagle_momma? http://www.snappingturtle.co.za/
    Talk to her.

    The Happiness project is on my list, but I need to think a bit....

  3. I'm going to work on this today. Thanks! We're usually on the same page, and that does make me laugh. It's also awesome, as I can always find support here.

  4. Tanya @ Snapping Turtle designs is very good. Hope the website is now sorted out?

  5. Do you know that there is exercise which you can do to strengthen that weak knee of yours before starting to run? I had a weak knee due to operation and before I attempted running, I did exercises to strengthen him first. If you are interested, I will mail you with it.
    You have really nice goals for August.


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