Monday, August 08, 2011

A productive day plus some OCDness

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do today but I had a lovely day nonetheless.
  1. Finished a book
  2. Sorted out some photos
  3. Played with the kids and found out that Connor does not like this blue jersey as he freaked when I tried to put it on. The purplish-pink sweatshirt was approved though :)
  4. Bought and posted a baby gift (and may I say, Edgars Bedfordview's service is going down in a major way - last 3 trips = dismal failure in customer service!)
  5. Bought too much stationery at CNA (I'm justifying it by saying I'm giving away 37 notebooks so it's okay...)
  6. Had lovely conversation with a lady at the post office - her customer service was superb! Also, last time I was there with Kendra the same lady had a conversation with my little girl which is always good. I really don't like people ignoring my kids when they say "hello lady" :)
  7. Watched Larry Crowne (only about a 6 - wouldn't really recommend it...) - also Nu Metro Bedford, your service also sucks.
  8. Got some "happy" envelopes ready for posting :)
  9. Printed photos to do baby party scrapbook
  10. I'm binder ringing everything in sight so much so that I only have two packs of binder rings left. *ahem* all donations welcome as I'm flying through these things. Why oh why do we not have them in South Africa?!
I sorted my files so thoroughly that I purged a 2.5 cm (1 inch) pile of one-sided printed paper for the babies to "write" on.

It feels so good.

I also caved and made a friend spreadsheet so I can see when it's getting too long between socials. Feels very OCD to me BUT as long as the end-goal is good, all is well. Right?

Have you decided what you'll do for Women's Day tomorrow?

We're going to have breakfast/ brunch with a friend and then I want to do some more photo and digital organising in the afternoon.

And once that is done, back up.

P.S. I have 3 little somethings for those of you who still read proper print books. If you want one, tell me in the comments and I'll send it to you. I post anywhere in the world so don't be shy :)


  1. Hey, you KNOW I love to read! e, real, I'll read anything.

    Your day sounds much more productive than mine! Very impressed by the friend spreadsheet - amused too, yes, but really, it's a good idea. I just go way too long between seeing someone and then feel guilty. I think yours is smarter in the long run!

  2. Oh, you know I'm not into high-tech...proper print is the only way I go! ;)

    So glad you had such a productive day (and despite a little bit of disappointing customer service).

    I'm amping up the productivity since J is back at work. I've gotten lots done over the last week, and my kitchen counters are pretty orderly! :) :)

  3. I love printed books. DH just ordered me the entire series that starts with "Game of Thrones". We watched it on HBO and I love it!!!! Glad to hear you're birthday was lovely. I think the first two years of having twins are so hard. The beginning is sooooo rough, the first year you're glad you've survived and by the 2nd birthday you're like, "Oh this is much better!"

  4. we all need a good OCD day once in a while... i'm envious you had one!!

  5. I just finished The Paris Wife - about Ernest Hemingway's (Am. Writer) first wife...and it was a lovely read! Lots of my teacher friends have Digital Readers, but I like a good old fashioned book :)

    I think a friend spreadsheet would make me feel waaaay too guilty, but it's a good idea nevertheless!

  6. Yes please I'd love a book! I treasure reading but haven't anything to read right now.

  7. So glad I gave in to Lance and didn't watch Larry Crowne. He insisted that we need proper escapism and so we ended up watching Super 8. Completely out of my comfort zone but so much fun!
    Was considering making a similar spreadsheet. Feels weird but necessary at this point in my life. Went for my run this morning. Was going to do breakfast straight afterwards but places are just so crowded! Am currently back in bed. Lance just made me the most divine breakfast. Will rest for another hour and then we are off to the beach. The weather is just beautiful today.
    Hope you have a great Women's Day.x

  8. Oh I read print books only!

    I love note books and CNA has a superb sellection. Just gave one to a book club friend the other night.

  9. Hahaha, love your friend spreadsheet. I had one yonks ago, but eventually ditched it because it just depressed me.


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