Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The story of the non-RSVPs

D and I had our joint "party" (D told me it was more like having a few friends over for lunch) on Saturday.

We invited a lot more people than actually accepted and came.

Granted, the 3 that didn't pitch had very good reasons - swine flu and the one friend went to Dbn for a funeral but his wife came.

But I am still amazed that some people just don't bother to RSVP.

After the children's party I learned my lessons and 1) emailed invites so responses would be quick and 2) was VERY clear in the email when to RSVP by, for catering purposes.

I had a better response but still not great.

Maybe it's me?

I read a post somewhere (I think on Facebook) where someone was talking about the same thing and someone said she thinks most people don't RSVP because they're keeping their options open for something better to come along.

I got one of those, "aaaah, yes" moments and sadly, I think that's true.

Terrible but true.

So how do you do RSVPs? Do you RSVP? What's your thought process?

Anyway, so there were 8 of us in total and it was lovely.

A nice, intimate group :)

We got some lovely gifts (I've just finished all the thank-you notes) and even some Exclusive Books vouchers (love!!!).

And here's where it's not good to have a party before the time :)

Today 3 of us got called into the boss's office and the rest of them sang Happy Birthday and gave us gifts.

I loved it.

I usually don't like being sung to when it's just me, but the group singing was fun.

Do you know that of our team of 8, 4 of us have birthdays within 1 week?


And the boss's wife's birthday is also sometime this week!

The one lady said, "he knows how to pick his women". Hahahaha

Anyway, one person got a blingy necklace (not my style AT all), one got a voucher to a home store (yessss) and I got the best gift, a clutter-free one.

They paid for a lovely picnic lunch for my family on Saturday at Tres Jolie. The kids can run free and D and I can soak up some of the winter sun.

I love, love, LOVE it. As you know I'm into experiences :) And this actually ties in beautifully to my 37 things list which I will post on Sat morning.

I also got a lovely card with nice words about living big, and reaching goals and all the stuff I'm always rabbiting on about (do you like that word? I saw it somewhere on a blog yesterday and have been itching to use it. ha!).

What kind of birthday gifts do you like?

I also want to talk about thank-you notes but that's a topic for another day. There's a warm bed with my name on it!


  1. Urgh, I don't know what it is with RSVPs because even if we can't make it we always RSVP. Once with my youngest somebody didn't RSVP and they actually arrived. So now I'm paranoid each time. Sigh!

    As for thank you notes (not sure what your topic will be about), but recently at my older daughter she had 23 kids at her party (yes, she has that many friends) and I made the kids sit in a circle around her and each one gave their gift to her, she opened it and said thank you right there which worked really well. It was a Harry Potter party and the party bag at the end was simply an organza bag with a stone I painted with red glitter paint (for the philosopher stone) and some star glitter and a hand written "thank you for coming to my party" note. And at the end of the party my daughter gave each child a balloon and their party / thank you bag on their way out. I found this worked pretty well for us.

  2. Hey Marcia!

    That is one of my BIGEGST Pet Peeves...not RSVP-ing. It's just rude!

    Sounds like a lovely party x2! ;)

  3. What an AWESOME, AWESOME gift!!! That sounds just PERFECT for you!!!

    And now, on a much uglier note, the RSVP thing just kills me. The only thing I can figure is that people think they only need to RSVP if they are planning to attend. I wonder if one would get a better response if it was noted "Regrets Only"? Might that be more of a call to action? As in, I'm fixing a plate for you unless you tell me otherwise??? ;)

    Glad you enjoyed your intimate party, in any case. :)

  4. Anonymous6:06 am

    Aaaarrgghh...people that don't worst! Just rude I think.

    Your gift and party sound perfect :-)

  5. Ai, people can be so rude!! A month before our wedding I had to still sit and phone people to ask if they are coming to our wedding or not, and then half of them didn't even pitch up. I make it a priority to RSVP either immediately or before the required date.

    Sounds like you had a lovely birthday :)

  6. I always RSVP because this issue is one that fall's into my top 10 pet peeves! Nothing IRRITATES me more than people who don't RSVP or when you have to nag for a response! I think its down right RUDE! :-) Can you tell it really annoys me?

  7. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Hey M, I must be honest if I get an email I am terrible I always say I will go back to it later and I either do very late or honestly forget.....but another thing is I seem to have terrible issues with my emails so sometimes confirming via an sms or call could make it easier on both sides. Sorry I get tons of mails and they come on my cell phone and them emails at the office that i loose...maybe I need some personal training by YOU... Miss you M!Love Robz

  8. You got some awesome gifts for your birthday which is Saturday :)
    I also feel that some people don't RSVP because they keep themselves open to other more interesting things. Me and my hubby have friends like this - or should I say that our friend's wife is like this. She will RSVP 2 days before the time because she keeps her dates open for more "fun" things. Sad, I know.
    We are a very small company I work for - I got a R150 Woolworths voucher :)

  9. I am totally pedantic about RSVP ing - I make a note in my diary when I have to (even for the kids' parties) and do it that way - mostly because I have lived through this before too.

    You know what I do when I invite people? I am very blatant - the day after the RSVP I send them a "answer me today or I accept you are nto coming" message, clearly stating that I will then not cater for you /your kids. Has worked wonderful for me. I also send a reminder the day before a party.

    Oh and I just love that gift!

  10. I always try do it my RSVP immediately after I receive an invite, the reason being that I am likely to forget otherwise...not as organised as you are;-)

  11. Forgot to favourite gifts are vouchers to a large mall...that way I can really get what I like.

  12. Love the picnic gift! That will be perfect for you. My favorite gift is probably a gift certificate, preferably for books or for Starbucks or a restaurant where it feels like a real treat not to have to pay.

    I have to admit, I am a horrible RSVP-er. I know, it's terrible! I always mean to, then I forget. That's not a good excuse, and I vow to do better in the future! : )

  13. I don’t think that it’s a matter of waiting to see if something better will come along. For me, it is purely a matter of logistics. My husband works some weekends and we usually only have about two weeks notice so this is usually when I can RSVP. I also think that sometimes people don’t know the correct way to do this. For example, I was always under the impression that you only RSVP if you are coming and not if you won’t be making it. Obviously now I RSVP regardless of whether I am going to make it or not. I usually do like Cat and give people a few days and then call them up. It's the only thing I can do to prevent myself going insane.

    Gifts are very far down for me in terms of my love languages. I think I scored a 2 for gifts. Gifts are not a big deal to me but obviously I do enjoy receiving things – who doesn’t? My personal preference is vouchers for anything that I like (books, music, spa etc). I also love getting notebooks or any other stationery, bags and I LOVE the experience gift. My primary LL (I scored a joint 9 for both) are words of affirmation and quality time. Honestly? Instead of an actual physical gift I would really just love for someone to take me out for lunch or cake & tea or something so we can eat good food and connect – two of my favourite things ever. got some really nice gifts!

  14. It drives me nuts when people don't RSVP...that said, these days I have to sometimes cancel at the last minute if Nicola is sick, but I'm sure we'll get better at that at some point again.

    Also, when I've said yes to a specific date I put it in my calender...I don't need to confirm it a gazillion times, it's done.

    As far as gifts go - I don't really care. Whatever it is, it just warms me up from the inside when I can tell someone took the time to really think about it before they got it for me. I'm also fine with no gift, I like just having my peeps around me on my special day.

  15. Again another Happy Birthday to you guys!!!! We always RSVP on time as we can't stand anyone that doesn't . I do love Evites these days for party planning. They seem to work with our family and friends.

  16. Happy birthday :) I have missed a
    lot this week.

    RSVPs are my worst at party time - you literally have to beg people!!!

  17. I think it's so rude when people don't rude.

    I like gift cards or something that they KNOW I want.

    "...and I got the best gift, a clutter-free one." I'm intrigued.


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