Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Titbits

Yesterday I was driving to work and I realised I'm happy.

Totally completely happy.

The sun was shining, I only had on two thin layers (yes!) and Billy Joel was singing in my car.

That was it.

Yes, it doesn't take very much to make me happy but I got to thinking how I'm sitting with the most money I've had in my account ever (remember we've just received bonuses at work and I'm putting off paying a thing so I can just sit and enjoy looking at it in my bank account for awhile :)) and the money's not making me happy.

Very weird having these thoughts in the City of Gold where most people are totally money hungry.

Also, I always used to argue with one of my ex-bosses who used to tell me money is not a motivator and I'd say Hogwash! Of course it is.

I still feel it's important because of what it represents (for me, freedom) but in itself, I guess he's right, it's not a motivator by itself.


And now that I've written about it, I will pay my tithe. Do you tithe?


My personal life is feeling ever so slightly out of balance.

Do you know how I know?

I start dropping the ball on things that are not normal for me. I'm actually working on the business slightly too much for my liking :)

Today I had to go to the hospital for blood tests so the gynae would have my results before my appt tomorrow.

Well, I searched high and low and couldn't find the thing he faxed me (I know! Faxes - so 90's :)).

I came to work, searched high and low here too and still couldn't find it.

So I printed off another one but had to move my appointment out so there'd be time for the lab to do the work first.

Thank goodness we have a nurse here who can take blood and send off to the lab (only 20 minutes out of my day).

My gynae is one of those who takes blood to check hormone levels at any routine check-up. It's good... but he wants two appts, one to do Pap and take bloods, and another for the results of either.

I got smart this year and told him I'd get my bloods done and will have one appt where he can do the Pap, check b**bs and give me results.

One consult fee :)

Have you been to the gynae yet this year? I have a friend who has it around the time of her birthday every year so she doesn't forget.


I won this on Monika Wright's blog.

I am BEYOND thrilled first, because I never win anything and second, because I only ever enter things that I really, really want (in the last two - three months, I've entered a stationery giveaway (Macaroon) and this one and one more on Allison's Little Lovelies site).

I found Monika's blog about 3 months ago when I first started getting obsessed/ passionate about notebooks/ mini albums, etc.

I love her stuff - if you like this sort of thing, go have a look. I used to not like scrapbooking-type stuff as everything felt too fussy for someone like me. Her style is not at all fussy but still gorgeous.

BTW, pure coincidence, on Thursday I'll be working on a little project with some free downloads from Monika's site.

Love the serendipity!

Are you ready for Thursday? Photos/ craft/ scrapbooking/ whatever?


  1. You sound happy in this post of yours. Truly happy.
    I'm happy for you. This is something I long for. You are blessed if you feel this happy about your life.
    Congrats on the win.

  2. you are so like me (well to a degree!).

    I often have that 'happy' feeling whilst i'm doing the tons of driving i do weekly. I often think (and smile to myself) wow, i'm so HAPPY. I am very blessed to lead the life that I do, to have the husband that I do and to live where i do. Without the stresses of the City and where how much money you earn (or how big your farm is) is not really a key player in who you are.

    still thinking about Thursday. will let you know.

    And congrats on the win - gorgeous goodies you have there.

    And no, not tithing right now - struggling to find a Church that i'm comfortable in. But that's a post all on it's own.

  3. For me happy, and out of tune (slightly) often goes together. Today I am just giddy with happiness!

    I am so going to do something on Thursday but quick and special. Guess what? The boys' school is doing a once a month craft girls night starting next Thursday for the moms- I am so going to go!

    And as to money as a motivator - it always is, but and a big but - not as big one as people think it is. It has to run with other motivators.

  4. YAY for happy!!!

    and what an awesome prize!!

    We dont tithe - we dont go to church though.

    I have had my annual check up. But will admit that my check up last year was my first in 6 years *blush* - I LOATHE gynae visits - really I have panic attacks at the thought :(

  5. It sometimes is the little things in life that make us realize that we are truly happy and blessed. However, having money doesn't hurt either...LOL!

    Thanks for the "reminder" gotta make my yearly appointment when I get back from my Vay-K!

    Can't wait to see all the creative-creations on Thursday!

  6. I love when "happy" just hits you at the simplest of times. :) :) It's so easy to get caught up in going and doing and living life...but really, most things are pretty darn good. :)

    And I can't wait to see your craft on Thursday! I love seeing you having fun with that kind of thing. :)

  7. LOVED this post. You sound truly content and so very happy. You deserve it, you know...

    We don't tithe. We are Catholic (when we actually attend Mass) and there is no fuss made of it. We are shopping for another Church. I hope to be in a position to tithe. Right now I would have to choose between tithing and I don't know...fuel maybe?

    And re that thing that your ex-boss says about money being a motivator, my thoughts are this: It depends on your context. If you have enough and don't wonder where your next meal is coming from then it wouldn't be a motivator. It is more of a motivator if you actually don't have it.

    Have not been to the gynae this year yet. Pure laziness and nothing else. My Mom usually does her pap and Mamo in the week of her birthday too.

    Congrats on your prize. I LOVE it. Decided to share my Macaroon stationery with my friend. Just because.

    And btw....have I told you how much I LOVE Billy Joel? I even named my son after him!

  8. I so agree with you...it is the small things that make me happy too.
    Yes...we tithe.

  9. Oy...and I can't remember which year I last went to the gynae...that is bad hey!

  10. I'm happy too...I know how lucky I am to be happy, so I bask in it.

    I hate losing things...sends me over the edge.

    From now on, I'm insisting that all bloodwork be done prior to appointments too. It's such a waste to do it twice and they're just making more $$$ and wasting my life away. I'm too damn busy.

  11. I used to go every year in December but after the overload I had the year Nicola was born I skipped last year. Maybe I'll pick it up again this year. ;-)


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