Thursday, August 25, 2011

Virtual craft day link-up

We had a slogan during the World Cup that went, "Ke Nako" (it is here).

I almost feel like saying this about today. Ha!

I've been printing and getting things ready for my time tonight - even the children are excited and wanted to see "Mummy's stuff" :)

Some of my organising tips for crafting/ getting creative:
  1. set aside the time and keep it as if an appointment with a friend (like we're doing today or some of you, on the weekend)
  2. keep your stuff organised so you don't waste time looking for things. Either that or take out the stuff and set it aside (mine is on a table in my study)
  3. know exactly what you want to do (I've got two things but if they go quickly, then I'll sort photos too)
  4. turn off your cell phone and your email (I will listen to some business audios while I work but I always do this with a notebook on the side of my desk whenever I do non-computer work in the study)
Is the no cell phone/ email too radical for you?

Otherwise, are you in?

I thought we could all say what we want to work on to get us excited.

I'm going to start a 2011 album about ME and I haven't printed any pics but I will put the pics aside in a "to print" folder.

I also want to make more of those little books as gifts.... :) I plan to make 6 so watch out, you may get one!

And if there's still time, I'm going to finish July's photos (upload to blog, etc.) and upload the whole lot to Picasa.

PS Thanks to OneRadMother for the cute button.

PPS Also, do you like my notebook? I never used this because of the cover (and of course I bought it because it was on special) so now that it's prettied up, happy days! And with an M - can I just confess how addicted I am to monograms?!


  1. I am so going to join you - I am going to make very simple little cards as my stock of "ready cards" i always have is depleted - saw that on Saturday - hence no card on your gift. If I still have time I will work on my 2008 photobook I have just started and basically not done anything to yet apart from basic layout.

  2. Yes i think i'm going to. that is of course if my bed doesn't call me too loudly!


  3. I won't be blogging but I'll be with you in spirit - downloading photos!!! ABOUT TIME!

  4. I think all your tips are great, Marcia. For me, I am going to try to remind myself it's not about "perfection",'s about having fun with the process.

    I think that's been part of my hang-up to date, with scrapbooking, in particular. I'm sure I'll still want to aim for a "masterpiece" for the front page, or for a very special birthday page, for example...but I need to CHILL OUT and just enjoy the rest of it.

    Love your notebook! And THANK YOU for this awesome prompt! I hope we'll have a good turnout...I love to see other folks' creations!

  5. Great Linky!! I re-post an old one since I am nowhere near my scrapin' stuff...look forward to posting some "new" stuff!

    I plan to work on Ave & Bryce's 1st year Scrapbooks as well as Christmas cards and greeting cards!

    Love your notebook...what a great way to get some ideas from others!

  6. Oh - no - did the button not work :(

  7. Yeah for crafting. I'm not there yet. I've been working on my to do list and reviewing it constantly for my "frogs" that need to get done right away.

  8. LOVE your notebook!
    Have just come home from pizza dinner and am feeling lazy now. Have set aside some craft time for this weekend though. Will take pics and everything and blog it.x
    Enjoy it!

  9. Made 10 cards, took pictures, forgot camera at home. WIll blog tomorrow?

  10. Sorry I am only adding now, but gosh, the weekend was so busy.

  11. Sorry I'm late - but I was planning on Linking Up!


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