Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Women's Day

Today we met a friend for a late breakfast.

We were late because Connor was sleeping and she phoned to tell us the place we'd arranged to meet at is closed.

D says it's properly closed, as in closed down, but I'm wondering now if it was just closed today.


Well, she very quickly suggested another place and ..... we hit the jackpot.

Egoli Cafe is a stunning, stunning place for kids. And best of all, is on my side of the world :)

Food was good (D told me earlier that he's still dreaming about that delicious breakfast tramezzini LOL), service was good (thank heavens) and there were lots of different play areas for the kids. The whole thing was very secure and I didn't worry even a little bit.

Unlike our last time at a "kiddie venue" *ahem* Jimmy Jangles/ Jungles which I thought was a complete ripoff (R50 per child per hour) considering the childminder was sitting playing with her cell phone the entire two hours we were there and didn't even bother to look up.


We are definitely going to do this again soon.

It was SO lovely to spend time catching up with our friend and her gorgeous redhead :)

When we got back, we fed the kids lunch outside (my new clever idea because the kitchen stays clean :)) and then they wouldn't come inside so D took a blanket outside and they had some quality time while I organised two drawers of my bathroom chest of drawer thing.

I went outside with my Kindle to try and read but it was a dismal failure in terms of reading - kids crawling on me, etc.

When they started playing with their spit (I don't know where they get this disgusting habit but I FREAK out), I came inside.

Had my cup of tea and about 5 minutes reading and then Connor came to find me to tell me "eat. hungry".

And so started the night time routine for the babies as I fed them the Most Delicious chicken and broccoli ever. EVER!

We had it for our supper last night. That's how I know.

That's the something good.

The something bad is I don't know how I made it because I don't measure and just fling in ingredients.

Good times :)

Do you have a method to remember when you do cool things in the kitchen?

And now I'm going to post on the other blog, quickly write my newsletter and then organise photos for an hour before bed.

Happy Women's Day!


  1. I've still gotta come up with a Women's Day treat for us...not sure what yet...but I'll report to you tomorrow. :)

    Glad you had a great day! But your "playing with spit" comment cracked me up!!! Hahaha!!!

  2. We had such fun today - great one. just relaxing etc.

  3. We had an amazingly lazy day today with the girls. Just what we needed. Hubby made lunch (and dinner) so it really was 'women's day' in our home!

    re the recipe thing - you need to write it down as soon as you have finished making it! or keep a notebook in the kitchen and jot down as you adjust thru the recipe. i made a divine lunch ysterday (bean & sausage stew let me know if you want recipe) and it was delish. I immediately typed up the recipe so that i can make it again!

  4. Love finding a new, child-friendly place! We also have a Jimmy Jungles here and it is rubbish. They do have a special rate for twins though!

    And Joel also plays with his spit - he could only have picked it up from school - he knows he is doing something wrong though. Waits for me to say something and then reminds himself: "Joel mustn't do that".

  5. Ewww, spit...I hate spit of any kind. Hate it!!

    Sounds like y'all had such a fun day! I think I will watch a fun girly movie tonight, in honor of Women's Day. Or maybe some Golden Girls or Gilmore Girls episodes...I haven't indulged in those in a long time.

  6. GROSS! They play with their spit?! I'd be armed with wipes!

    I cuddled up with a bag of Or.eo's and planned our vacation for Woman's Day. We're also going out tonight. So while it's not technically "Womanly", it's celebratory none the less.

    I totally followed the link to the cafe, as if we could stop there for dinner! LOL!

  7. Anonymous8:20 am

    Hi M, thanks again for the lovely catch up time yesterday was exactly what the doctor ordered....Can't believe how K & C have grown up.

    Nope, I think the coffee shop at the Nursery has def closed down. There are no jungle gyms etc anymore, even the wall between the main restuarant has been taken away...quite sad I must say.

    Anyways have a lovely Wednesday....Oh and I Love the spit.....


  8. Thank you, Thank you for the link to Egoli Cafe!! That is SO totally on my list now. Also told TF about it and made him promise to take me (us) there for breakfast this weekend.

  9. Sounds like a great place & don't get me started on babysitters with phones, on the very rare occasion we got a babysitter i would insist she was working for me, not texting friends or calling a boyfriend, so they knew where they stood - in paid employment!! Love Posie

  10. I also read on another blogger's blog that Egoli is a very cool place for parents and their children. Am happy that you all enjoyed it so much.

  11. Sounds like a lovely but busy day! LOL!

    The best meals don't have a recipe which really is "bad" because I was gonna ask you to post your...then I read the "bad" part! :(

    Have a good one today!

  12. I love that you mentioned Women's Day! I used to work for an international adoption agency. The women there were wined and dined by our Russian co-workers--they even gave us flowers on Women's Day!

    Now, the day goes by without me even noticing. So glad you gave it a mention! Good to remember and celebrate! :)

  13. I don't bother trying to remember cool things in the kitchen. Even if you do it exactly the same next time it never tastes exactly the same - so I just cook from the hip and taste in between to see where it needs tweaking.


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