Thursday, August 04, 2011

You are kidding me

Poor Julia got an "earful" when she emailed me last night to ask me if everything is fine with my website.

See, I had someone mail me to tell me they couldn't access a page on my site.

An "earful" is me venting on the computer :)

I sent the person's email to the web lady who fixed it all the last time and I've just checked and she's replied.

My website's been hacked again.

I honest-to-goodness do NOT have the fortitude to deal with this ANOTHER month in a row. That was 1 July to about 14 July, and here we are again, 3 Aug (yesterday), a month later.

No way!

Why me? We fixed everything, I've been checking for updates, etc.

What am I supposed to do?

I'm so glad I'm fresh off an emotional intelligence course because I'm "pausing" now before I respond and take action.

In any event, if you care, please just pray for my mental energy and clarity of thought.

Because I am THIS close to clicking delete.

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  1. Weird that you'd get hacked? Who hacks a mommy blog? Seriously.

    I love the little links to old posts that your blog has. I just read yours about your kids not walking at 13 months, and you being annoyed that people kept asking.

    Mine are 13 months and Lauren will let go for a bit and then plop down, just liked the pics of Kendra.

    Everything mine have done, has been a bit late. I'm learning to not stress about it as much.

    Hope you're doing well, aside from the hacking thing.

  2. NOOOOOO!!!! Don't hit delete...I would miss you!

    Sending you all the positive energy I can...

  3. LOL

    It's not this blog that gets hacked; it's my business website!

  4. Oh sorry, I must have missed something...LOL!

    Hope it all gets worked out!

  5. Ugh. So sorry that you are having to deal with this crap. I really wish I could help you in some way.

    Love that you are taking a breathe. Hang in there honey. Clarity will

  6. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! love the name of your blog and the story behind it. Cool! and, so true! :)
    xo, cat (

  7. I'm so sorry this keeps happening to you!!! I'm putting out some positive vibes out into the universe for you right now that this stops here and now!

  8. I too would have clicked the "delete" button by now but that is not what I am saying you should do because I love your sites.

  9. Oh my girl, I will keep you in my prayers. I can imagine the frustration.

    Apart from this, I really do not know enough about tech to give you any advice.


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