Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 random thoughts

  1. Listening to Michael Buble in the car at the moment. When I hear "the way you look tonight" I instantly think of Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding (my favourite movie) and I want to start crying. Oh, how I love that scene.
  2. There was a headline in the paper this morning, something about "neighbours from hell". Neighbours are one of those things in life where if they're good, you hardly notice them but if they're bad ones, they can make your life a living hell. I am SOOO thankful we currently have good ones on both sides. Previous house we had bad neighbours on the one side so the whole street became forced friends in order to deal with the problem. Yip, didn't happen - we eventually moved.
  3. Am feeling ill as I type this. I sincerely hope it's just a headache and not the salmon quiche a colleague brought for their birthday...
  4. A family was killed this morning. Mother with 1-year-old on lap was driving, father and 3-year-old were also in the car. One child was decapitated when the car collided with a bus. I cried immediately when I heard that on the news.
  5. I had a late meeting here yesterday and on my way back to my side of the building, ran into a friend and we caught up in the passage, as you do. I am SO thankful for my boss after hearing her stories about her bad boss. I think Wonderful Boss has spoiled it for other bosses. How could I ever leave him?!
  6. I moved my homeowner's insurance yesterday. When I phoned current insurer to cancel was told I have to phone the bank. And... it is a SCHLEP and a half. So much so I'm seriously reconsidering.. Do you think they make you fill in 3 pages of forms on purpose?! And send 4 additional documents.
  7. I'll be a single parent on Saturday as D is going to a workshop. Trying to organise a playdate/ mommy date to use up at least some of the time :)

What's happening with you today?

PS I think I'm going to go home - my head is THROBBING and I feel a bit ill in the tummy.


  1. First, those pictures are gorgeous!!! Great photography, and of course, wonderful subjects! :) :) And I was just thinking how much K&C look sweet. :)

    That is unfathomable about that accident. It's another thing that of course would have struck me Before Children, but it hits on an entirely different level now.

    Hope you feel better, Marcia!

  2. Gosh, I sure hope it wasn't the quiche!

    Terrible about that just never know and everyday needs to be cherished!

    LOVE the pictures... :)

  3. Hope you're feeling better.

    We just finished up play doh play and soon we will be making lunch for our picnic outside. This is their new favorite thing and clean up is a breeze!

  4. Oh I love that song! My dad and I danced to it at my wedding :)

  5. How are you feeling today?
    I too felt sick to my stomach when I heard the news about the family killed. So sad indeed.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Love that movie, but my favorite part is "say a little prayer for you." It's awesome.

    That was so sad about that family...makes me sick.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  7. Loved that movie. LOVE my neighbours - they are AWESOME!
    Hope you have your single married mom plans sorted for tomorrow...

  8. My landlord's son (+/-12) told me yesterday morning that those people in the crash were family of his best friend. Well half family, as his parents were divorced and the man was his father who he rarely saw. It's very tragic...

    Love the photos - too cute!


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