Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Back... part 2

Last night my back was killing me, so much so I didn't even blog.

Did any of you even notice? :)

I think I worked a total of 50 minutes - one blog and my newsletter.

Took 2 Norflex at 9 pm, slept for an hour and was up again at 11:30 in pain.

The Norflex instructions are 2 tablets every 3 - 4 hours, so I forced myself to wait til 12 and then took 2 Synap Forte.

It didn't even impact the pain but I eventually fell asleep at about 3 am and was awoken by Connor's screaming at 6:30.

He was throwing a tantrum so not the best way to wake up from drug-induced sleep.

Anyway, I phoned this morning at 8 am, found out the first available appt was at 10:30 so came to work for a meeting and then went to the doctor.

Muscle spasms. That's all that's wrong.

I have 3 sets of meds. I took two after lunch and am a zombie right now.

It wasn't supposed to make me drowsy but clearly I'm a lightweight....because I'm about ready to collapse now.

Over and out


  1. I did notice that you did not blog and it was strange not seeing a post in my Google Reader from you.
    Sorry to hear that you have some spasms in you back. I hope it gets better soon. I too am a light weight when it comes to meds. The doc will say that this meds do not make you drowsy, just to sit an hour after taking them, nodding at my desk.

  2. Go collapse in bed - ok! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Boo! Go rest! I swear warm water helps everything!

  4. I did notice! I hard-keyed your blog address to check, thinking maybe my blogroll didn't update for some reason!

    Sure hope you feel better soon, Marcia! I have had back trouble in the past (not muscle spasms), and I know how central that pain is to everything. Please get some rest!

  5. Was wondering where you were...

    Ag shame man, hope your back feels better soon!!

  6. Get some rest for your back and feel better!

  7. Hope you are getting some rest.
    I am not usually lightweight except for when I really haven't been sleeping well.
    Feel Better.xx

  8. Feel Better Marcia!!

    (I sure did notice you didn't blog BTW! LOL!)

  9. I noticed! Feel better really soon!

  10. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. I can't notice when someone has skipped a blog b/c I am so flipping behind on reading that it's not even funny.

    Oh wait...I'm supposed to be making you feel better. NEVER wait the time that is given on the bottle...they're all LIARS! LOL...disclaimer: I am not a doctor and clearly should not be dispensing medical advice.

    I really hope you feel better...I hate when it's something you just have to "wait to go away."


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