Monday, September 12, 2011

Easy washi tape crafts

First and most important

Please please please send me some links for cute things (but easy - none of those vases I see on Pinterest as I'm challenged spatially :)) to do with washi tape.

I'm prepping for the virtual craft day on 29th and need to start getting my mind ready.

I have quite a bit of washi tape (12 rolls) and want to do some crafts with those.

Here is the shop I buy from if any of you are interested.

Speaking of Pinterest, I followed a link from Pinterest recently, clicked around some and found this post.

LOVE it.

So true.

That is how we used to celebrate birthdays when I was a girl.

Who's participating in this month's virtual craft day? Do you know what you want to do yet?


  1. Ooh, I hope folks have some good ideas! I have played around a bit with my two rolls, but I've only made a handful of cards. (I'll email you a pic.)

    When is the next craft night? I'll either scrapbook again, or do cards. That's what I'm into these days. :)

    And I love the picture in the link...especially with those generic potato chips...HA! It's a good reminder that we all turned out OK, even though our invitations didn't match the cake didn't match the party favors, and so on! Hahaha!!!

  2. I have a few washi tape stuff on my craft board. Will look around for some more and forward you the links.
    I am going to take part. Have a pretty good idea what I'm going to be making but must still finalise a few things.
    ps...have been looking around for stuff to laminate. All my searches come up with laminate flooring?? Must come up with a different search terms.

  3. ps...I had to laugh about you being spatially challenged. If you were at school in this day and age then you would have been referred to an OT! You saved your parents thousands of rands...

  4. Hey! I don't know what washi tape is, but that card is SO CUTE!

    I am totally obsessed with Pinterest. I have some crafty stuff on there, not a lot but some. I'm on there with my real name, which is also my email if you want to look me up. :)

  5. I don't even know what Washi tape is...LOL!!!

    I must be the only human alive who isn't on Pinterest!!!

  6. LOVE that card.

    Still haven't bought any Washi tape - i'm too scared too as I think a monster may be created ;)

    Not sure i'm going to play along this month as it is the eve before we head off on holiday. But i'll keep you posted.


  7. Shayne, do yours a day or two earlier and just link up on the day

  8. OMG...I'm so stupid. I already did my craft and gave them to those stupid teachers and now I can't take any stupid pictures because I'm stupid and gave my awesome craft away.

    Maybe it wasn't really a craft. Maybe it wasn't even that awesome.
    I put M&Ms in a jar and put a laminated sign on top...something about Teacher Treats. Then I just handed them over to those stupid teachers yesterday without even thinking about the fact that I should document my awesome craftiness! DUH!!!

  9. Wow that birthday card is so cute! I still haven't started pinning;-)

  10. I have everything together for craft day! Booya!

    Sadly I still don't get pinterst. :(

  11. you can get washi tape at too


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