Friday, September 09, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Just got a new-old coaching client. She coached with me for a long time, and then stopped for 5 months and is now back. Since she's trying to lose weight I told her I'd join her in trying to eat better and exercise more this week.

2. Two random acts of kindness for me this week - someone bought me a piece of sinfully delicious fudge and my boss bought me a box of popcorn today. May I add that the popcorn was salted just enough. I'm fussy about the salt - I don't like salty foods - and this was perfect.

3. I asked my old personal trainer, Sara, to do a programme for me and it's just come through on my email. Really, this girl is fantastic and so nice, you can't help loving her. PTA ladies - if you want her details, mail me.

4. I'm 100% done with Connor's clothes. He has MORE than enough shorts and t-shirts, and after a vest-buying spree, now has enough short vests too. We might have a pj problem soon though because those legs have grown.

5. I have to check if V sorted the last of Kendra's winter clothes properly. She tends to be less ruthless than I am in what is too small. Otherwise, I'll be posting some clothes to my sister and then donating the rest. I've labelled everything in sight (punched circles with my 2 inch circle punch and attached to plastic tubs with prestik)


And what did I do for me this week?

1. I went out with a friend for pasta on Tuesday night. It was LOVELY to catch up with her and we said we need to do this more often. Next month is her birthday so that will keep the momentum going.

2. Amazingly, I dragged my butt to gym on Wed despite my headache. I had to leave 10 minutes early when it got really bad but 40 minutes is better than nothing, right? (I was 10 minutes late too!)

I forgot this not-so-little reason I don't enjoy the heat - headaches! I've had headaches about 3 out of the 5 days this week.

3. And I finally coloured my hair. It was about two months overdue but the thought of Louisa seeing all that grey tomorrow moved me to do it :)

4. I've been dog-tired at night so reading only 15 - 20 minutes before falling asleep. That's not going to do so I've started reading an extra 20 minutes in the mornings BEFORE getting dressed for work. Do you know how decadent that feels?

How was your week?

What did you do for your self-care?


  1. I exercised and I caught up on some reading. It's a start. I really don't do well at this self care thing.

    Enjoy your picnic tomorrow.x

  2. You got a lot done. You have all my sympathy with the headache...hope it clears soon.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. It sounds like a productive week! Good for you!

  4. Dinner with a friend sounds so nice! And so does some perfectly-salted popcorn. Yum! ;)

    It was a good week here, although it was a short one with the holiday on Monday. I've spent most of the time catching up from being out of town, it seems...but best of all, I've gotten to bed relatively early almost every night, which feels so good.

  5. Hehehe, thanks for the effort of colouring your hair! But you'll probably have to look long and hard before you find someone who is less concerned with how people look than I am. ;-)

    I'm busy culling all Nicola's clothes that she's outgrown too at the moment. I have a few choice phrases for the people who label these things. I've seen many 2-3 year olds, none of them could fit into some of those shirts.

  6. Ai, not much for me but I am finding it hard to read - too tired. At least I had bookclub and that is just for me.


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