Friday, September 23, 2011

Five on Friday

There's a video of me talking (eek!) here if you haven't had a look yet.

Thank you for the fantastic comments on the potty training post. Truly awesome content in the comments.

1. This week has been crazy and sadly, it's not over yet. I have one day with my babies and then it's my work conference on Sunday and Monday. Let's just say it's going to be interesting.

2. I almost hope the music at the event on Sunday night is boring so I don't feel tempted to stay up dancing and instead can go to bed and recharge. Right there I'm showing my age.

The mothers in the office have been debating whether we'll sleep or dance - my vote is to read since I feel very behind on my reading (I haven't even finished 2 books for the month yet and it would be nice to finish with 3).

3. Today I took time off work to go to my friend, K's boy's first birthday party. Here is the baby shower we threw for her last year. I raced home, fetched V and the kids (so glad I took V with me so she could run after one baby) and raced there. Arrived only 10 minutes late.

It was an animal party and she had bunnies, a tortoise, a sheep, goat and pony there. Of course, my kids ate the bunnies' carrots instead of feeding it to them. We fed them a good lunch before the party so they weren't hungry (chicken, potatoes, butternut and spinach) but carrot sticks are their snacks...

I learned that I need to teach Connor to one friend's daughter came to fetch me to "tell Connor to give me a chance" - too sweet!

4. This crafting thing is getting out of hand. I don't know how you guys with tons of "supplies" do it. I have one drawer, about 4 scrapbook paper pads of 30 pages (of course I've used LOTS of the paper) and another small basket and already I'm feeling like it's too much.

After I publish this post, I'm going to make a list of projects I have "supplies" for (do I annoy you when I keep using ""?) and choose which will get done on Thursday. I feel like this is such a novelty for me hence the "".

Are you ready?

5. This week I received two random acts of kindness - two BIG bags of Pampers. Worth R350. I am blown away. And I just remembered that another friend gave me an envelope at the party. I love my gift, Roz, and now I have to do a project in my study for a magnetic board.

And what did I do for me?


Except getting through this week :)

And ordering a programme from my old personal trainer because I recognise that I need to make time for exercise again.

And I suppose taking off the afternoon. My kids were LOVELY today - we chatted all the way there and home.

One conversation happened in the traffic just outside the Rosebank Gautrain Station.

Connor (shouting) Mummy! DRIVE! (hates that we have to wait at stop streets and traffic lights)

Me Connor, I can't drive yet. These are the rules of the road.

Connor (thinking I'm talking about our house rules) Please, Mummy, drive. (in a nice, pleasant, non-screamy voice)

Me Aaawww, you're asking me so nicely, boy, but I'm afraid I still can't go (we're jammed in by buses, cars, etc - all in a day's driving in Jhb)

Kendra We're STUCK

V and I laughed

Me Yes, baby, we're stuck!

On Tuesday I have a massage planned and I can't wait! I'm going to need it because I have an A4 page full of tasks ready for me at work. Somehow I feel better because it's a neat and consolidated list. Isn't that crazy?

What did you do for you this week?


  1. Sounds like a fun although busy week. Now how can you say no when he asked so nicely that you keep moving? ;-)

    What did I do for me? On Wednesday I went for a massage that hubby booked for my birthday and I've been helping out with some fun projects. Okay so the second one is not technically specifically for me, but I love projects like those because it gives me a huge sense of achievement.

  2. Go and dance! Reading can happen at anytime.
    This week I visited 2 girlfriends for snacks and wine. Was awesome. Am going out with a friend just now and will be going to a movie alone afterwards. Also had an impromptu sushi lunch date with Lance yesterday. Was AWESOME.
    You are sooooo lucky to have gotten such awesome gifts.
    I am practically ready for Craft Day. I don't have many craft supplies (except for wool and knitting needles) - I decide what I am going to make in any given month and then buy stuff as I need them - I also buy just enough so there won't be any leftovers.
    I just LOVE your conversations with them. So cute.x

  3. You sure had a busy week. Glad you enjoyed your off day with your babies.
    Enjoy the massage, tomorrow.

  4. Oi, we are both up to our ears. I HAVE TO finish my photobook on Thursday night - my last chance, so not sure if that counts but I will be doing that.

    And I do hope you danced the night away.

  5. dance that one thing for you.

    You don't want to see my scrappy stash...seriously;-)

  6. Nicola's learnt how to say "stopstraat" so if I'm not moving fast enough through traffic she asks me if we're at one and then even holds her little hand up for emphasis. When we get to zip round she does a very enthusiastic "Wheeee!", which usually makes me slow down a bit. ;-)

    What I did for myself this week: hatched the beginnings of an exit strategy, and had a boat load of chocolate. I am a prisoner of hormones this week. Woe is the person who tries to take my chocolate, that's all I'm saying...


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