Friday, September 30, 2011

Five on Friday

Okay, I just typed about half the post and blogger ate it so this version's going to be short.

I did 6  mini-projects last night which all turned out exactly as I planned (actually, slightly less cute, except for my year in review book) and then I did some cards which were soooo not cute.

I have ideas on how to cutify them tbough and I'll be attempting the new ones this weekend - have to get them done as they are gifts for some special people ;)

Interestingly enough, I got overwhelmed by all the washi tape goodness and didn't do a single one.

Confession - I took an inventory of all my stuff and I bought some more washi tape in colours I don't have (and want) like yellows and oranges, and I have two unused rolls to sell. I have a green one with white dots and a bright pink. Any takers? They're going for $3 each (I paid $4 plus shipping) - otherwise we can swop? I'm looking for chalkboard paint pens if anyone's keen...

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I've just had a call from a publisher in the US to talk about my book. I had to say, "it's not a good time as it's the middle of the night here" LOL


I decided that the stress of all the personal admin is not good so today I left work at 3:15 and tackled 3 things on my to-do list.

I went to Hi-Q to buy a tyre, get them swopped around and wheels balanced (R665 = peace of mind, finally), then went to FNB to get my stuff for SARS, and then went to swipe my card at the gym.

Felt super-productive because I also paid Telkom and Jhb Connect (wanted me to pay R4000-odd and the girl figured out that they had problems on my account so I actually paid R1611 - SCORE!)


Tomorrow a cousin is getting married (very informally) and we're supposed to be going, except I have no idea how to get there and she hasn't given me directions. These things stress me out, big time.
Still, her gift is ready (and looks beautiful with one of the macaroon tags and some washi tape!) so if worse comes to worse, I'll meet her for lunch somewhere next week.

The only reason I'm really keen to go is to see her mom (one of my favourite aunties)


Tomorrow is 1 Oct and I'm supposed to be starting a series on the Organising Blog, one post a day. I can do it if I've planned out the topics but of course I haven't done that. I should have followed my gut earlier this month and asked a dear friend, J (yes, you!) to help me organise the content. 


And for me?

I was forced to take it easy from Tuesday due to The Back.

I said to a friend today that it felt worse than after my C-section, and I'm not exaggerating. At least then if I lay still, I had relief. 

With this bad back I could not get comfortable and the meds were doing zip!

I did almost nothing this week but I believe that my body needed it to regroup.

On the children side, I've had a BALL with them because I came home, lay on my bed and they played around me, we chatted, kissed, hugged, etc. Adorable-ness. The cuteness is way, way too much at the moment.

I'm going to start scheduling 30 mins a day in the gym - 5 mins warm-up and then some work on my upper body one day, and then lower body the next day. I have a programme from my previous favourite PT, Sara.

And it's not like I have all this time, but it's an investment in my health.

So what did you do for yourself this week?


  1. Glad you can at least appreciate the bright side of taking it easy in being surrounded by K&C's adorableness. And glad you had such a productive week! :)

  2. I hope you're feeling better now - nothing worse than a hurting back. I have a wonky disk that I slip every now and then...that means a week of bedrest for me where I can hardly even lift a teacup I'm in so much pain.

    Haven't had that in about three years thank goodness...I definitely don't have time to spend a week in bed these days!


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