Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A good day and gratitude

Today was a good day.

I think from now onwards, any non-Vaseline day is going to be good :)

I had my first mentoring session this morning and got some cool personal insights from the facilitator. It was not all sunshine and roses though as there were some who were very negative, not about me, but about parts of the process.

That session ended 40 minutes early - bliss since I desperately need some desk time at work because my to-do list is growing daily.

We had our divisional awards event this afternoon - again, fantastic. Short and to the point, with yummy food, dancing and connecting with team members. And home by 5:30 pm :)

There are only 7 awards up for grabs out of 350 ppl. One of our own won an award and the other 3 of us at the table all burst into happy tears.

I was and am so proud, it's like I won the darn thing. I do feel a little bit guilty that I didn't nominate a single person - I was feeling stroppy at the time of nominations. Apparently my boss and another senior person nominated me which is a really nice pat on the back but adds to the guilt.

Moving on...

I re-recorded the section of my workshop tonight and my heart nearly stopped when after 50 minutes I checked and didn't see anything in my folder... but it had saved in another folder. I seriously would have FLIPPED out. How I hate technology when it doesn't work.

As for the babies... Connor's new trick is climbing onto the back of the couch and perching there. My heart stopped the first time I saw this and I had to refrain from screaming and surprising him.

V tells me that he got even more creative today by holding onto the security gate (trellidor-type thing) and walking along the bottom section of horizontal bars. I am DONE!

Do you have a climber? Do you let them? How do you create some safety?

Mine spur one another on. I already see Kendra trying to climb things...

And then, my parcel full of cuteness arrived today. I am beyond excited to start making stuff. She also sent me extra things not pictured - so nice of her.

I also have another parcel full of crafty goodness arriving tomorrow. I couldn't resist ordering some stuff from Scrapadoodles and since I email them so often (!), I've even asked the lady to please get some washi tape in :)

By the way, do you consider yourself a grateful person?

If yes, how do you stay grateful?

PS the photos just make me happy; they have sweet nothing to do with this post :)


  1. I have major climbers. We had to take apart the girls bunk beds, because they could get up there- even without the ladder.

    That's Dylan, taken September of LAST year.

  2. I don't think mine were ever climbers. Not much anyway. Although in saying that my youngest pulled down a chest of drawers on herself and thankfully she wasn't hurt. But oh my goodness! My nerves!

    I work very hard to be grateful and when my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia taught myself to always look for something positive and something to be grateful for. After a while it wasn't so hard anymore.

  3. Both of mine were climbers. Kiara a little more so - even now she will climb and climb.

    Am I grateful - over all yes. There are some days where I have to stop and physically take stock of what I have but other days I am constantly aware of all of it.

  4. Spirited Mama9:05 am

    I stumbled on your blog yesterday and so enjoyed reading it.

    Joshua, will be 2 next week, is definitely a climber! I feel I need some alcohol as soon as I see him attempting to climb anything.

    I am very grateful at the moment! I just witnessed a smash and grab, the women driving infront of me was the victim!!!!! Luckily, the traffic light turned very quickly and we could all drive off. But in that moment, I sat frozen clutching my steering wheel as on of the 3 men showed me their gun!!!!

    Yes, I'm grateful and I'm counting my blessings. And I/we have been blessed abundantly BUT I don't WANT TO LIVE HERE ANYMORE!

  5. Our girls are now grown up but I remember the playpen being used for containment. We also had some trouble with stairs. Good luck for the challenges ahead.

  6. Sounds like a really great day and do love meetings ending early!

    L is a major major climber - the worst type. Once found him on top of the microwave having used the drawers to get onto the top. Scary - get a jungle gym soon!

  7. It sounds like a wonderful day. I love your photos...and those colourful buildings are awesome.

    I consider myself very grateful...and know that the Lord has me in the palm of His hand.


  8. Both kids are climbers. Not sure if it is a boy thing or a kid thing. It is a good thing though as it develops gross motor movement or something like that. Creating safety is a constant work in progress and sometimes you just can't create the perfect safe environment. I take them to the park a lot so that they can both get it out of their systems. There is a place in CT that does indoor rock climbing that Joshua wants to go to. Must check it out some more.
    I am trying to be a grateful person. It's really hard some days. I keep a gratitude journal and I also do a grateful post every couple of weeks or so where I link up to other bloggers who do something similar.
    The photos would make me happy too. They are beautiful.x

  9. Nicola is somewhat of a climber...nearly gave me heart attack I turned around to find her on top of something she should have been next to. I try to swallow my fear to some extent and let her get on with it - within reason. If it looks dangerous to me I let her know it's out of bounds. If it's something that is actually made for climbing I let her and just watch her like a hawk.

    I would say I am a grateful person. I've had nothing (money and otherwise). All I have to do is remind myself of how that felt to stay grateful.

  10. Love that you just included some random photos that make you happy. I just posted a random one to FB a few days's B, playing in the fountains. I seriously can't look at it without smiling. :)

    Big picture, I think (and hope!) that I'm a grateful person. I do think it's so easy to get lost in the nitty-gritty of the situation and lose perspective, though. That's what I pray for quite often, though...perspective. It's a powerful thing.


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