Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hello September

We are SOOOOOO happy it's spring.

I was on the phone with a client earlier and we were joking about how all the girls are wearing skirts because we're all so happy it's not cold anymore.

It goes from cold to hot immediately in Jhb - on Sunday I was wearing corduroys and a jersey and four days later I'm wearing short sleeves, a skirt and sandals.


First, an update on last month's goals

My goals for August.
1. Organising workshops Sat 17/9 & Tues 20/9 – get at least 15 people booked for each Um, no, I am not even half way with this goal.

2. Commission designer for book cover  Nearly done
3. Get book proofread by D Well now, when I reminded D last night that August is over, he couldn't remember committing to finishing by end Aug (he did) so we are now doing the corporate thing and emailing one another!

4. Do church talk – work-life balance  Thank the Lord this is done so I can cross off something!

5. Work through Organise your Home system and update in time to relaunch in Sept. Get designer to do new graphics, etc. Nearly there - have about 2 hours left
6. Go on 2 dates with D Done
7. Social – Fert babies supper, lunch with R, lunch with R & kids, H&E birthday party Done (I can see the reason I got nothing done is too many socials...)
8. Get dresser painted turquoise no... didn't even phone the painter!
9. Hair – Brazilian treatment and one other Did the Brazilian and I am VERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY happy
10. Read 5 books Read 4
11. Decide on and book Dec holiday No.... again,
12. Gym 9 times/ lose 1.5 kg  I went 3 times - yay, at least I went 3 times! - and am 0.1 kg heavier :)

How did you do on your goals for August?

I'll have to post Sept tonight...


  1. It's still a bit of a surprise to hear you say "September" and talk about the start of spring! IN the US, we are getting ready to don our boots and jeans. I associate September with the start of football, cooler temperatures, and color-changing leaves. : )

    I am pretty sure I was not too successful with my August goals, but I will review the list anyway, and not feel too badly about it because August was a good month!

  2. Ooh, love the idea of posting goals for the month~ will play along soon too.

  3. I didn't do THAT well but I didn't do THAT badly either. I could have done loads more if Lance was not working so much. I was VERY successful with my social goals though. Will post tomorrow.

    I am wearing a poloneck, jeans and a big jacket. We are having a typical Spring day in CT. Rain and wind!

  4. I'm all about "willing" fall to be here, too. I've been wearing long sleeves (with shorts) for a while's gotta get here eventually! :)

    I am embarrassed to tell you this, but I haven't looked at my yearly goals in ages. I NEED to step back and take account of where I am...but I just haven't taken the time to do so / which means I'm putting it off, of course. Ugh...

    While I'm not unhappy with rolling along here...I feel really good about family stuff, and that's my focus at this time in my life...the lack of list-adherence is not "me". Hmmm...thinking aloud here as I type...I wonder if there's a SAHM component (at least for me)? How much is my list-adherence tied to my professional life, which is largely on hold right now?

    That's a much bigger question than this blog comment, of course, but it's something for me to ponder a bit. :) :)

  5. Spring really does put a spring in ones step! Still in a jumper here but there is hope that I can soon pack it away!

  6. Glad you got to do some of them :)

  7. M, that's one way of looking at it!

  8. I have never done this.

    Maybe I need to set some goals for September. I have a crazy busy month so maybe I do need some direction and focus!

  9. I needed to read this post today. Thanks for reminding me to set the small goals in order to reach my bigger ones.

  10. Goals? What goals? (hehe...just kidding) I wish I could be as organised as you are...sometimes I just need to survive!

    We were thrown back into winter since what spring?

  11. So much unnecessary pressure, or not?

    I accomplished a lot of what i set out to this last month, but lists i do not have.

    I would go mad if i had even more lists to contend with!

  12. I think you're doing great! Keep on keeping on and so on. ;-)


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