Sunday, September 25, 2011

"It's just one day"

So in about 45 minutes I leave for our work conference.

It's also the first one I'll attend in 3 years (bad!).

2009 - I was having babies (I think my babies were two weeks old)

2010 - I was doing a talk out of Joburg that day so again missed it

2011 - I'll be there in my flip flops, beach wear, CHEERING for our team member to win the group award in her category :)

They gave us a list of things to bring and what NOT to bring (no valuables like IPads, laptops or alcohol).

Well, friends, I think I may have a teensy problem.

I haven't been without a computer for 29 long hours for a long, long time (I think Ireland 2009 might have been the last time and then my virtual assistant was attending to emails).

I don't do internet on cell phones and all that jazz (this may be the one and only time I regret it).

Worse thing is when the email was sent I seemed to be the only person who had a problem with this.

I mentioned it to one person who said, "it's only a day".

Um, yes, but I do have my set times to go on the internet and check emails (and blog comments if I'm to be 100% honest). I could happily not go on FB and the real internet but I need to check emails :)

But I'll not break the rules because if my laptop gets stolen I'll have far bigger problems than just internet withdrawal.

It would probably send me right over the edge.

I'm debating between taking a real book or my Kindle.

Anyway, my time's up and I have to do the last minute things here at home.

See you on the flip side.

How addicted are you to the internet?
Are you doing anything about it?

PS that's my gorgeous RED bag. They were both ridiculously expensive but I tell myself since they're genuine leather I won't need more!


  1. Sadly I'm rather addicted to the internet.

    See you when you get back. Hope you will survive ;-)

  2. I am horribly addicted. Its an integral part of everything I do from school correspondence to blogging to fb to school projects and even googling the number for the local pizza place!

    i would also battle to go without it for *just a day*.

    I am not doing anything about it right but once a month I *fast* the internet and it amazing how much more productive and centred i am....and I swear i will never go back and then a week later i am trapped again. Seriously is the internet the antichrist? ;-)

  3. It'll be good...the last long weekend, we went camping, and I took nothing with, not even my cell phone...took a few hours to get used to it. But I eventually landed up not missing it at all.

    Enjoy the time 'off' :-)

  4. OF course I am addicted! I do limit myself a lot and I also do a full weekend fast once every six weeks or so. Actually I look forward to it because I really connect with those around me and I am surprisingly productive and not rushed at all.
    I hope your 29 hours will fly past. Chat soon.xx

  5. There are some days where I'm online quite a bit and then others where I don't even have the chance to turn my computer on until 9pm. And I don't have a smartphone either, so it's not like I'm checking email, blogs, or websites in some other format. So, in my mind, I don't need an intervention yet.

    But I can completely see why the no computer rule at your conference would stress you out a bit. You are a blogging machine! In the weeks that I was too busy to check in with my google reader, I became quite behind on all the blogs I follow. In general, I was anywhere between 5 and 15 posts behind when I finally logged in and started catching up. But yours? I was 31 posts in the hole! That's incredible! And certainly requires access to a computer. :o)

    I hope you enjoyed your conference!

  6. I can empathize Marcia!! Have a good time at the conference...

  7. Oh I am addicted, but have taken up to a week's break - and it's a good thing. Really is/

  8. You're hysterical...the internet will be FINE without you. I enjoy a break every now and then!

  9. I LOVE your red bag;-)

    How did it go without technology. I loved my 4 day break from the internet...but gosh now my reader is full of blogs to read. You never win.

  10. Addicted is such an ugly word ;-)

    I go on almost every hour. I read blogs on my phone while I have a smoke break, and then keep the posts I want to comment on for later.

    I can now actually switch off for a weekend or a day if I need to, even though I'll probably still read on the phone if there's reception where I'm at. In the past I once went on a weeklong trip to Mozambique and had a post scheduled for every day I was there so I wouldn't get behind. I'm not quite that bad now anymore.

    I've also decided that i am about as connected to social media as I will ever allow myself to be. Any new invitations to new places to be just get trashed. I don't have any more capacity to be social on my computer than I already am, which is plenty already.


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