Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lists, perfectionism, hair and my Sept goals

I have 3 hours tonight and I've broken them into half-hour segments to get both computer stuff and things done around the house as D's at work and of course, the babies are sleeping.

I'm blogging for the first 30 mins and then will do a house task for 30 mins and so alternate computer/ house/ computer etc. And then at 10:30 I'm going to read.


I've been keeping up with my 30 days of lists project and I must say, it's quite therapeutic hand writing my lists.

Here are some terrible pics of my book - I am not letting perfectionism hold me back from posting these. See, I always say, "I can only do it in proper light and my hours at home of proper light are very "limited" (non-existent).

After the pics were taken I added some ribbons to the binder rings. I will take some pics again in "good light" (i.e. on a colleague's desk at work - all my favourite close-ups have been taken right there :)) as I used some ribbons from the party favours and want to show my friend, Roz.


Speaking of perfectionism, my monthly talk at the church is on 19 Sept and I can't WAIT to see what God's going to give me because I am extremely passionate about the topic - Perfectionism, Procrastination and People-Pleasing :) I'm a recovering perfectionist so speak from TONS of experience.


I'm loving the Brazilian hair treatment thing - I've now washed my hair twice (with the special expensive shampoo) and the first day it feels a bit "full" to me but from day 2, it is fabulous. If you see me and you don't think it's fabulous, that's okay - I know it's fabulous.

I can literally just wash and go - I don't put a single thing on my hair and it's smooth and non-frizzy. I have my curls but they're tame...

The only thing is... I desperately need to colour my hair (South Africans, Clicks has the 10-minute hair colour on special - banded pack of 2 boxes for R120 - I usually pay R135 PER BOX) and I'm scared to do it in case it messes up my treatment.

My goals for September

  1. Register for e-filing and submit tax return. There's a story here. Years ago I tried and the system didn't like my long personal email address. I have a "thing" about getting personal things at work, especially financial things, so I just continued to do them all manually all these years. It takes me all of 10 minutes so is easy-peasy but a friend said to me, "Marcia, I submitted mine the night before we left for London. While we were there (they only spent 4 days there) I was spending my refund". Ka-ching - so that's got me moving.
  2. Colour hair
  3. Go for massage (was stood up by NEW lady last week!)
  4. Read 5 books
  5. Do 8 random acts of kindness
  6. Go to gym/ exercise 8 times
  7. Meet Louisa :)
  8. Lunch with Natalie (she doesn't know)
  9. Book December holiday. This is now crunch time. D is verrrry scared of driving anywhere with these two so we're at an impasse.
  10. Sort out children's summer clothes. Confession - I'm 95% done as I've been working furiously the last couple of days but it was on my list BEFORE the month started :)
  11. Finish July photos (remember my complicated system :))
  12. Finish August photos
  13. Get at least 10 signed up to this month's virtual craft day on 29 September (shameless plug) - as an aside, I wrote about my binder rings here

  1. Spring into Organising workshop. Looks like I'm going to be cancelling the live workshop due to lack of interest, to put it bluntly.I don't think I'll be offering any more of these in Jhb. I have a tiny Jhb component - I actually checked my stats and there are 76 out of 2800 on my list. Actually 75 because one of those is me.The virtual workshop is going full steam ahead though. They're so fun and I get a HUGE kick out of doing a workshop in my pyjamas without make-up on! Isn't technology great?!
  2. Finish product revamp. Am about two hours away from revamping my most popular seller.
  3. Write article for a guest blog on effective delegating. It's funny, some things I'm okay at, some I'm good at but I'm excellent at delegating :)
  4. Send next 6 guest blogs to ____. I am the time and organising expert somewhere on the www.
  5. Do church talk on the 3 P's of time management
  6. Book and pay deposit for my book's design.
  7. Get book proof-read
  8. Write at least 10 posts for 1 - 10 Oct. I'm posting every day in Oct on my organising blog.
  9. Do two hours of next product revamp.
  10. Two hours of tidying up organising blog's sidebars

Okay, that's a lot but I feel better about this month.

Also, I'm going away for one night this month for work - the babies will be fine but I'm going to miss them!

What are your goals for Sept? Link up!
P.S. An organising tip for these goals things - copy and paste the HTML of your "intentions" post in a new post and immediately change the title, whatnot so you can update on a regular basis, keep focussed and, best of all, you'll be ready to post at the end of the month.


  1. I constantly do lists - I live by lists simply because I have too much going on not to. I am using one of the books you gave me for your newest list book - just covered it with that clear sticky cling.

    I really need to set goals for the months, but alas....

  2. Ask your hair stylist about the coloring first...sometimes it can be an issue!!! I don't want all of your hair falling out!

    Lists...I have a "This Week" list on my desktop that is updated on a daily basis...everything not crossed out by the end of the week is put on the following week's list. I love it...things that HAVE to get done that week are highlighted in green. It works for me.

  3. Hey are so's amazing! Love your lists and you ALMOST have me convinced to start my own! LOL!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I think I should start doing lists too..then life wouldn't overwhelm me as it has in the past few weeks.

  5. I can't wait to go for my Brazilian hair treatment. Am holding thumbs for the end of the year. I am pretty sure you can colour your hair. Google and check? Do you not blow dry your hair at all?
    Completely forgot about that list project. Is it too late to start now? Seems like you are going to be very busy this month. After this past month I am trying to keep my weekends more free. Doubt whether I'll succeed though.

    ps...your book is so pretty!

  6. Ok so have sucuumbed and done a sept goals list - but am not going to put it on my blog.

    Will print out and leave on my craft table.

    I'm amazed at how popular and how successful this brazilian blow job thing seems to be. Why don't you check with your hairdresser re colouring?

    Have a good week x

  7. Yay! I made the list ;-)

    Can't wait o meet you IRL

  8. The brazillian hair treatment sounds marvelous - not something I will experience as I have such short hair :)
    Nice goals you have for September.


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