Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mother adrenaline

We went to church this morning and, as is our custom, I walked with Connor and D walked with Kendra.

There's a revolving door at the entrance. D and K were through already, and when Connor and I walked through, he must have stumbled because next thing I knew he was on the ground with his leg jammed under the revolving door which continued moving, about 10 cm up his leg.

At this point I would like to thank God because there was a gap of about 50 m before the next people behind us.

Connor started screaming.

I'm sorry to say I also screamed ("D, come help!") and I think my scream alarmed him even more.

I pushed my hand under that door (don't know how it fitted - mother adrenaline?) and tried to grab his leg loose.

Didn't work.

Then I heard someone say, "take off his shoe" and I pulled off his shoe and manually moved his ankle and leg.

(D told me later it was another man who came to help - I didn't even thank him properly!)

Next thing the leg was out.

By this time I was sitting on the floor of our little quarter and giving Connor lots of hugs and kisses.

And then we got up and I carried him out of there to children's church. Of course I wanted to just be with him but they ran into the class (still LOVE this) and told us, "bye Mummy, see you later", so off we went to church.

He was fine once his leg was free.

But I was not.

I couldn't stop thinking about this all through the worship and the beginning of the message. I actually had to give myself a mini talking-to so I could focus.

Children are so resilient - I was giving him all these extra kisses thinking about what could have been....................... and he was running along, talking nineteen to the dozen (do you use this phrase?).

D and I have just spoken and he says he felt so helpless and useless.

Interestingly enough, years ago our pastor pulled a heavy, 6-ft high gate off her daughter. She is not huge, nor does she have huge muscles so it was also mother adrenaline and God :)

So how was your Sunday?

PS Last Sunday was 20 and we wore jerseys. Today is 26/27 and we're all in shorts and T-shirts. My kids have lots of beautiful new t-shirts to wear - ALL gifts from last year's birthday and Christmas.

PPS My friend sent me a text and says, "I come alive in this weather" - LOVE THE PASSION.


  1. I would have freaked out! Here in the states I only hear the phrase "ninety to nothing". I have no idea which is correct though.

  2. I've never once heard 19 to the doze or 90 to nothing.

    I am sure I would have been a mess seeing any baby trapped. I scooped up my nieces' little girl when she feel on the playground, I was more concerned than her mama!

    How big is C now? From the looks of him climbing in the car he is either huge or your car is tiny! The ladies are more along K's size so maybe I just don't have proportions down :)

  3. Holy cow that's scary! I can't imagine. I am so glad he is OK and that you had the wits and instincts to deal with that situation. You are awesome!

  4. OMW that is so scary!! Glad he is ok though :) I hate those revolving doors, some people walk like the wind through it, the stupid one here at our work has banged me already because I stopped it when a little one tried to get through it (we have a nursery school on our premesis). They should actually have a seperate entrance for the little ones.

  5. Oh wow! That's a terrible thing that happened to Connor. I am so glad to read that he is fine. Adrenaline sure is something that makes one react fast. So so glad that he is ok.
    I too had a terrible experience with my son on Friday. Have done a vlog about it as well.
    So glad your child is ok.

  6. Mother Adrenaline and God indeed. amazing what we can do with His help!

    yes, gorgeous warm weather here too, yippee!

    Glad that he is fine x

  7. Oh gosh yes, things do happen so fast. Glad all is fine and loving the weather.

  8. That is so scary...I'm glad he's okay...all sorts of things must have flashed through your head.

  9. With His help the impossible is always possible.

    Today it started heating up...thank heavens! I am so OVER the winter;-)

  10. How frightening! Moments like this really are amazing - as mothers (and fathers) we really just always have the strength to d what needs to be done :)

  11. Goodness me!
    Reminds me of the time when Joel went missing (we were visiting people) and when we found him he was taking off his socks and shoes and wanted to jump into the pool. The pool area was closed and he even opened the latch on the gate by himself! I completely freaked out at what could have been. My heart still skips a beat when I think about it. So glad your boy is fine. And yes, Mothers have their own special brand of adrenaline.

    My Sunday was horrible. That is all.


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