Monday, September 26, 2011

Never-ending personal admin

I made it without the computer for 30 hours (I even lasted one hour after I got home this afternoon). Hayley, you were right, after the first few hours you get used to it.

Will tell you more about conference another time as I have only a few minutes to write except to say that the service was exceptionally shocking at Sun City.

Yes, I am passionate about customer service but for goodness sake, put a smile on your face and simply just do your job. I'm not even talking "extra mile" activities. *sigh*

This week I have the following things on my personal to-do list:
  1. somehow find the time to visit SARS (SA Revenue Services) to change my bank details as I've already had a rude email from them
  2. go to gym twice
  3. fax all insurance papers to my bank and then hound them til they tell me it's all in order
  4.  get massage (I have back issues again today probably from lugging around my luggage and am about to take my 2nd Norflex. I need to start working on my back muscles again because this is not on).
There are tons on my business list which are not going to get done and so I'm thinking of scaling back on my expectations even more. That's what an early night and a lazy morning will do to you.

I actually decided that I need an assistant to do my personal admin like book holidays (still not done for Dec!!!), sort out my pool, find a painter to come paint my cupboard, get the photo man to come collect the prints he has to put into jpgs, post the box of clothes to my sister, take my car to Hi-Q as that tyre is still not sorted, return some things and I'm sure there's a few other things I've forgotten (that list is all off the top of my head)!

Any takers?

If only Trisha (my virtual assistant) could come do a couple of hours for me on a weekly basis, I'd be a happy woman. Except she lives in the Philippines.

What do other people do about all this personal admin? It's never-ending!

What do you do?


  1. LOL...I just do it all myself and yes, that means scaling down on the expectations. I was telling Lance this past weekend that I need to take a day off just to catch up on personal admin and errands.
    Surely you don't need to go all the way to SARS to change those details? Can you not email them something or change it on the website when you log into efiling? must listen to your body. Your back is telling you to take it easy and rest. Best you listen. You can't exactly go and buy a new back at the Pick 'n Pay...

  2. When I was working (before the girls were born), my hubby did most of our errands. As a teacher, his day is finished (most days) by 3:30, so that left an hour and a half in the business day for phone calls, errands, etc.

    In theory I should be able to do more errands now, with being at home, but I struggle - of all things - to make phone calls. I don't like to talk on the phone during the girls' nap time...always afraid it will somehow wake them up...and I hate to potentially subject business people to the girls' rambunctiousness. I swear they'll be 100% fine, playing beautifully, until I get into a phone conversation. They pick that time to need to potty...or to try to climb the wall...or to pull each other's hair...of course. :)

  3. I'll do your personal assistant tasks if you will come and sort out the mount everest I call my ironing pile ;-).

    I'm not very organised lately to be honest.

    Wow, you sound really busy. Just tackle it like you would eating an elephant - one small bite at a time.

  4. I am so fortunate to be a SAHM so I manage to get stuff done BUT I have realised that I got MORE DONE more efficiently when I was working!!! I planned, scheduled into touch and was a machine back in my day! LOL Nowadays I have oodles of time and tend to procrastinate more.

  5. This is too funny. I just do it all myself-shocked I know! I still have to book for next month, and I seriously think you should try your hand at painting. If you have V and you take the day from work you should be able to get all that done in a day right?

  6. I would love to do something like that :)

    LOL not sure who would do mine though but I must say I am getting my groove and have a system at home that seems to be working. Everything gets a day - it will get done - maybe not on the day David wants it done but it has its day and will get done :)

  7. I do all my own admin, as well as DH's, and I simply schedule a morning and GET IT ALL DONE!

    There is just no other way otherwise you fiddle and pfaff and never get it sorted.

    Surely you can just mail sars, can you not update your details via their e-filing? Sure you can? Our accountant did that for us. Just check see?

  8. I do most myself - with some stuff I use my office secretary - and make sure she gets a chocolate etc. For instance she does the bookclub admin for me. I actually said to her the other day that I need a "wife" - you know, someone to do that personal stuff for you.

    This month has been super crazy for me - you can tell if I am not reading blogposts!

  9. Oh yes, and I agree with Julia - you can these days do almost anything on line or with email to SARS

  10. Sadly no, SARS told me that they're being "very strict" this year and want the actual person, not even a messenger, to bring in the documents to their offices.

    I thought I'd take a chance and change through e-filing but alas, that is what generated the email from them.

  11. 30 hours away from your computer, that's a brave move... I would have had withdrawal shakes or something... Personal admin never ever seems to end - no matter how many tasks we cross off the to do list, the next day it seems to have grown if not longer... Love the idea of a virtual assistant!!!

  12. Oh no, bad service at Sun City, have always had such a great service there :-(

    I had to do the bank thing at SARS was super quick!

    I have a ton of personal stuff to do aswell... which reminds me...need to make a list :-)

  13. Oy...I do all our personal and the mission's when we go away I am buried under tons of paperwork. I hate it.

    So glad your weekend went well and I hope you get your back sorted.


  14. I have a whole whack of admin things that are all behind. I try to just focus on one at a time until I get it done, otherwise I'll just get overwhelmed and ditch them for a nap instead.


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