Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of the worst nights of my life

I'm going to be away from home for 29 hours and this didn't bother me one bit.

However, D has been stressing. He says he can't remember everything (yes, I've made notes) and what if he does things wrong and what if the kids won't go sleep.

Granted, the kids take little to no chances with me but they do give him a 30-minute runaround at bedtime on my gym days.

Moving on.

I think because of this (D!) I've been a wee bit anxious.

On my gym days I prep the kids too because the first time I went after months had elapsed, they would not settle and kept saying, "where's Mummy?" over and over again.

So these days I tell them, "tonight I'm going to gym and Daddy will put you to bed. Okay?" and of course they say it's okay.

D asked me today if I told the kids I"m going away.

I mentioned it but they can't remember the detail, can they?

So he gives them this long talk this morning about how Mummy's going to work tomorrow and they must say good-bye nicely, tell me they love me and give hugs and kisses (they are not as into the hugs and kisses as he and I are).

I said, "the way you're talking it sounds like I'm going to die".


Anyway, all that was to set the scene.

So I had slight feelings of anxiety (very slight, mind) but I tend to read blogs and indulge in the internet when I need some escapism.

I spent slightly too much time on the computer last night and felt some twinges in my back.

Also, because of the party, I was hauling my kids in and out of cars, and in and out of the little car and airplane at the party, etc. and the last time I did that I also needed to take a Norflex for back pain.

That, coupled with sitting at the computer too long, was me overdoing it.

I took a Norflex about an hour before I went to bed.

By the time I was in bed my back was throbbing and I tossed and turned so much I woke D.

Went to take another Norflex and it's like it just wouldn't take effect.

That pain was excruciating.

I eventually fell asleep at about 2:30 (thank God) because I was THIS close to getting in my car and driving to the hospital so someone could jab a needle in me and relieve me of the pain.

Those who know my needle phobia (yes, despite two IVFs) will understand how bad that pain must have been.

D left me to sleep til 9:15 this morning so I missed gym again...

I took it relatively easy and only got dressed at 2 pm.

When I emerged, dressed and cute again, Connor said, "Mummy going to work". I hope that doesn't mean he thinks I only look decent when I'm going to work. LOL

But I'm determined to get to bed by 11 tonight... that's in one hour's time. And I'm going to take a Norflex now just to make sure there's no preventing me from sleeping because I was hauling kids around again today.

We went to church tonight (same service as the two tomorrow morning) and we were about to drop ours in their class at children's church when I heard one teacher say to the other, "has that child stopped vomiting?" D and I looked at one another and hightailed it out of there to the family room :)

As D said, if one gets sick it ends up being R2000 because of consults and meds and number of kids/ parents.

How well do you sleep, on average? Do you get enough sleep?

I'd say 10 out of 10 because I fall asleep within seconds (sometimes I don't even finish my thought) and I sleep like a log for 7.5 - 8 uninterrupted hours a night.


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  2. Oh my! That sounds like such a tough time you have had. I would say on average I sleep really well, but there are a few times where my mind would simply race too much and I would then struggle to sleep, but for most of it I sleep really well I think.

  3. You poor thing.

    No, I never get enough sleep.

    I can't believe you were on the edge of a needle prick!

  4. Eeeek! That must have been bad.

    I can't say that I awake well rested, but I do sleep like the dead. On average I get 7 hours a night, I have a horrible habit of staying up too late on the computer.

  5. I hope that you are feeling better today. I would so have gone for a needle prick! Have you seen a Dr for your back?
    I don't get enough sleep. I average about 6 hours or so and I actually need about 8. A lady on Oprah once said that if you fall asleep immediately then you are not well rested. A healthy, well-rested person takes approximately 15 minutes to fall asleep.
    It's perfectly natural for D to stress a bit but I think that he will be fine.
    I hope you will enjoy your trip - just a little.x

  6. What a tough time you had.
    On average, I too sleep 8 hours a night, uninterrupted because of how old my kids are.

  7. The sleeping issue. I really have a problem falling asleep once I wake up...last night in the middle of the night...Lukie's voice...Oupa ek is bang vir die monsters. Ek wil in die middel le;-) So he lay in the middle and I lay looking at the ceiling. Who would have thought that we will be back in this space at our age;-)

  8. I hate it when people take their sick kids out somewhere where my healthy kid can get it - and she picks up just about anything that even crossed paths with us...and then we stay home. Fair is fair.

    I'd say I sleep okay, but nearly as much as you do. I do 5 hours on average a night, six or seven if I'm really lucky - and I will happily join Nicola for an afternoon nap over weekends if I can fit it in. I loooove afternoon naps.

  9. Anonymous1:56 pm

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  10. I get 5 - 7 hours of sleep a night, sometimes all together, but mostly it's up and down either with a child or a trip to the bathroom. Or I wake with night mares. Sleep usually doesn't come easy, and I sleep very light.

    My kids don't catch much, we wash hands a LOT, and they play outside in the dirt a LOT. When they have been out in public, I tend to add a drop or two of EO's Tea Tree and/or Lavendar and and handful of epson salt to their bath. ... Our doctor barely knows us.

    That said, it does make me "upset" that parents bring a sick kid out in public. The child is miserable and just wants to be at home. And they are spreading germs for others that do catch stuff easily. ... I can usually keep my sick child at home or at least separate (I'll hold them - or a sibling will) from public as much as I can.

    So glad they got your back problem solved. Hugs and lots of prayers your way.


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