Friday, September 30, 2011

Sept goals update

So these were my goals for September

  1. Register for e-filing and submit tax return. Of course I still have to go change my bank details...
  2. Colour hair
  3. Go for massage
  4. Read 5 books Finished 3, let's see how much I can get through tonight of book 4 :)
  5. Do 8 random acts of kindness
  6. Go to gym/ exercise 8 times (I think I went 3 times)
  7. Meet Louisa :)
  8. Lunch with Natalie
  9. Book December holiday. We are closer... a job for my non-existent personal assistant
  10. Sort out children's summer clothes. 
  11. Finish July photos (remember my complicated system :))
  12. Finish August photos not even started
  13. Get at least 10 signed up to this month's virtual craft day on 29 September we have 5 signed up so far, I need to link mine, so I need 4 more - are you it???

  1. Spring into Organising workshop. 
  2. Finish product revamp
  3. Write article for a guest blog on effective delegating.
  4. Send next 6 guest blogs to ____.
  5. Do church talk on the 3 P's of time management
  6. Book and pay deposit for my book's design.
  7. Get book proof-read
  8. Write at least 10 posts for 1 - 10 Oct.
  9. Do two hours of next product revamp.
  10. Two hours of tidying up organising blog's sidebars
  11.  Wrote piece for another book which will be published later this year

How did you do on your goals for Sept?


  1. I can't help in many ways, but "I'm coming...I'm coming!" on the craft link-up! :) And I tweeted your link, too...maybe we'll get some newbies to link up this month yet!

  2. My list makes me totally anxious! But I have just linked up for craft night - so closer to that goal for you

  3. Looking good! I need to start getting traction on my craft thingies too, especially with Christmas just a few months away and me wanting to handmake a lot of things this year, but I also don't want to ruin the surprise of what I'm giving them so I can't exactly post about it. You might find a whole bunch of link appearing from me after the 25th of December all at once though. ;-)


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