Wednesday, September 07, 2011

This was going to be a wordless Wednesday post but...

There's a comment on my previous post which I thought I should address.

I think most of you regulars know I really don't mind (and enjoy) healthy debate and to be challenged.

BUT... I don't like it when people hide behind Anonymous. If you think I'm complaining and I should grow up, that's your opinion and is fair but please engage in a mature manner so I can respond to you.

I actually think that's the grown-up thing to do.

Anyway, moving on.

D took some pics of me sitting outside on the babies' swing/ slide on Saturday. It was only for a few minutes but I really enjoyed just being present and doing nothing.

I never really sit still and do nothing so it's something I'm always working on.

Do you find it easy to relax?

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  1. Doing nothing is hard...except if I'm on the computer which is a whole lotta nothing. Good for you for trying.

    Anonymous is such a baby!

  2. Oh I saw that anon remark and I have to say that your reply is brilliant!

    And I sometimes force myself just to do nothing and be with the kids. Actually play with them. They say only 30 minutes of actual play with a single child per week can make a huge difference on the relationship with your child.

  3. Sorry to see that someone have hidden behind the name, Anonymous. That person was harsh. She/he should have rather sent an email to you than hide behind Anonymous.
    Anyway ... I don't find it hard to relax. Something me and hubby gets to do very easily :)
    Good for you for trying.

  4. It's hard for me to truly relax. My definition of "doing nothing" is either vegetating in front of the TV (very rare these days...maybe once a week, after the girls are in bed, if that); or bedding down with a good book or magazine. I like to do that before bed, but Hubby and I usually go to bed at different times (he goes prior to me), so I don't usually have the option of a lamp. In that case, I'll sometimes soak in the tub for a bit, which is the ultimate. :)

    Love the pics of you *just being* with your babes. :)

    And I'm a bit behind on blog reading...I'm off to catch up on that comment stream!

  5. I just read the Anon comment. Gah! I'm sure that made someone feel better...on a very unprofessional, disrespectful, and immature zip off such a harsh comment.

    I still think about a blog I happened upon, probably a year ago. This twin mama was going OFF about how she hated that people assumed she must have *help* with her twins. She spouted about how she didn't have help...she didn't need help!...BUT...she went on to talk about how her mom took the kids on Saturdays, and her MIL came over two afternoons a week, and her sleep-in day was on Sundays (or whatever).

    My gut was to fire off a comment telling her to get off her high horse, that if she didn't call her family providing her "help", then I didn't know what was...etc., etc.

    But I very quickly remembered that I had invited myself to read her blog. We are each entitled to our own opinions, our own rants, even...and if I didn't like what she had to say (and the obnoxious way she said it...HA!), I was welcome to quit reading her blog. No harm, no foul. Deep breaths. :)

  6. Mandy, I love your passion - really I do :)

  7. Pics are divine. I do love your new brazilian hair. In terms of whether I find relaxing easy, the answer is YES and NO. I tend to relax better when I am meant to do something i.e. as a means of procrastination. When I am meant to be relaxing i.e. when I am sick, then I can't. It feels almost confrontational if that makes sense?

    And I do love your response to your fabulous anonymous commenter. You are such a classy lady...x

  8. I do and I don't.

    Somedays i just cannot sit still and even sitting after lunch is a big mission.

    yet other days i manage to while away the day doing very little. Not sure how I get this right but I do.

    but i do like to spend time in the garden with Pollyanna, just playing. good for your soul x

  9. I'm on vacation from work this week, well the little bit I do work, and I loved sitting the the ladies this weekend! It was fantastic. I was only able to sit and do it because I spent all day Saturday cleaning the entire house, top to bottom. I just can sit and relax if there is work hanging over my head.

    I'm also terribly jealous that you're hanging clothes out! It's been raining since Sunday with no sun for the rest of the week!

  10. I really need to work on relaxing! The kids wanted me to sit and watch a movie with them today and it about killed me to just sit there for even 20 minutes doing nothing!

    I went back to take a peek at your post and read the comment. Funny thing is that I think the mature thing to do is for people to RSVP when they're invited to "anonymous" actually has it quite wrong. And don't you just love how that person told YOU to grow up, yet he/she hid in anonymity after making a rude comment? If anyone needs to grow up, it's that person!

  11. Good reply on Anonymous! Why is she/he reading you if this is how they feel?

    I find it hard to do nothing...but lately I think I have had the blues and I have been sitting and when I see the day is gone...scary!

  12. I think commenting anonymous is quite cowardly, if you feel that strongly about something that you need to say it then feel strongly enough to say it as yourself.

    Love those photos, you do look very relaxed. :-)


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