Thursday, September 29, 2011

Virtual craft day link-up

Thanks for all your well wishes yesterday - I swear you guys are better to me than real life people, which is sad, but that's another story.

I got really sick at work and had to phone D to come fetch me.

Of course it was like a freak show as people kept coming by my desk to see me impersonating a drunk!!!

I only started being more myself last night at about 8pm. Commented on a few blogs and then went right back to bed. It was lovely.

I'm well aware that I won't finish things on my Sept list but the good thing about drug-induced laziness is you just don't care :)


Onto other things though.... today is our virtual craft day!

I've been waiting for this day for 5 whole weeks.

Yes, really.

Tonight I have big plans which I'll show you later.

Here's what I started last time - my year in review book.

This is taking way too long for my liking but I'm holding my impatience in check because I am LOVING the final result.

Washi tape, photos, Monika Wright's journalling papers and a pink gel pen - what's not to love?!

Are you inspired yet?

In the meanwhile, if you've done a project in the last week, link up. It doesn't have to be done today.

Our goal is to have 10 people participating - the linky will be up for a week.

Are you in?


  1. I just so happens that I'm busy with a project. Will post photos and link tomorrow :-)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you felt so bad that your hubby needed to come and fetch you yesterday. You sound a bit better today?

  3. So glad you are feeling better - nothing worse than getting sick at the office.Maybe I will link up my photobook or if it's ok, can I link up the craft we did on the Mom's night out 4 weeks ago?

  4. So glad you're better, Miss Marcia! :)

    The book looks awesome! And so glad you're enjoying it, too! :)

    I'll be linking up on Saturday. I had planned to show a paper craft of some sort, but I just did a really cool fall craft that I'm going to post.

    You know I think this is such a fun idea...can't wait to see what everyone else does!

  5. I love that book idea...I might have to Scraplift! I am linking up tomorrow...can't wait to see all the other "creative" links!

    Glad you are feeling better Marcia!

  6. sorry you got sick, but you did make me laugh through this whole post! xo

  7. Have started and will finish tomorrow and then link up. Have sore tummy and will sleep now.
    Your book looks STUNNING btw...

  8. I made a kickass craft this week! Must post...

  9. I hope your back is feeling better! Back pain is the WORST.


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