Sunday, September 18, 2011

Working like a slave and overcoming procrastination

I've been working like a slave the past couple of nights:

Thursday - prepped my talk for tomorrow night

Friday - did the handout

Saturday - completely prepped my workshop for Tues and did the handbook and emailed the people who have registered thus far. Another mailing goes out tomorrow so there will be a last couple of stragglers, there always is.

I must say, even though it felt like a lot of pressure, I love this new way I'm doing things because it's actually saving me time.

Before I used to put together all the content, do the handbook and THEN start marketing (and hope I had enough people to make the time spent worthwhile).

This time I wrote out about 5 - 6 lines of what I wanted to cover, put up a sales page and waited for the people to register.

And of course only then churned the content and handbook out last night.

It felt a bit overwhelming when I first started but I did my procrastination trick (I tell myself I only need to work for 15 minutes and if it's really not coming together, if I'm not "flowing", then I can put it off til another day) and sure enough, the writing flowed (it always does) and now it's done.

It's about 7 pages longer than I was aiming for (23 instead of about 16 - I just thought 8 pages in an hour... 16 pages in 2 hours...) but it is nice and comprehensive and one person already emailed me back to say she's very excited for Tuesday.

And now I need to write some blog posts for Mon and Tues, because I'll be out on Mon til 9:30 and then busy on Tues til 9 pm again.

What are your tricks to overcome procrastination?

PS I feel like a genius and also a bit of a fool - you are going to be AMAZED at my post tomorrow about how I'm saving lots of money :) (I also spent R1100 today on plastics so don't get jealous yet :))

PPS finished the Happiness Project - loved it (8 out of 10) and want to start putting up some blog posts


  1. Sounds like you have a good system going!

  2. I've been getting very good at not procrastinating too. And getting lots of things done!!! It's been awesome!!!

  3. Gosh, you have also been super busy!

  4. If I find myself procrastinating I try to break down whatever I'm avoiding into more manageable bites and attach smallish rewards to each bit - and of course a big reward to the end! :-)

  5. I'm in awe of your procrastination trick...I definitely think it will work on me. I need it this weekend...big changes going on in our house! Sorry I'm so late...crazy busy this week! Hope all is well!


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