Thursday, October 27, 2011

Computer crafting and our virtual craft day link-up

Oh dear, I forgot my camera cord at home so I can't post all my washi tape crafts but I do have these two computer crafts available.

So remember that Friday afternoon when I made our family rules and this virtual craft day button?

Well, I was somewhat inspired so I've been playing a little bit.

Here is a draft header for dear Julia... (I know the sizing isn't right, hence the word DRAFT :))

and here is a family rules printable I did for "my friend with the twins". I asked her what she says to the girls all the time and she sent back an email so quickly I was transported back to many, many conversations we'd had on the phone where she interrupts and keeps saying, "stop biting your sister".

I had a jpeg downloaded (I can't remember where but it was for free - just found it, I'm a googling genius) - the idea is you put this in a frame and write on the frame with an erasable marker.

I used Picasa and added this. It could have been more complicated in Picnik but looks just fine, I think.

If you want one, write out your family rules and I'll do them for the first THREE people who send their rules to me. I have no computer skills so I can't change colours or anything - font I can change :)

So there's my first link-up.

I will do the washi crafts later (or tomorrow) and I want to also show you all the other gifts I wrapped, just for some pretty things :)

Link up ANYthing you made - anything. Did you make something cute in the kitchen, on your computer, etc?

Link up.
P.S. I'm also desperate to write a "real" post :)


  1. You are so crafty! I am the total opposite of crafty. I can explain technical things to people in very non-technical ways (and they understand it!), but crafty is not my thing. I used to have time to quilt, but it hasn't been a priority since the boys were born. Someday!

  2. I love that you showcased something that doesn't require scissors and glue! Being "crafty" can mean so many different things...bravo, Marcia! :)

    I'll link up this weekend!

  3. I LOVE it!
    Will link up either tomorrow evening or Saturday.
    Seriously. You are so clever with this stuff.

  4. I made cuppycakes again!

    I also have been playing with new digital scrapbooking software, but haven't finished anything yet.

  5. I finally caught up and posted a few of my recent creations. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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