Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creating and ... a challenge to 5 of you

So I'm happily putzing around in my study (thanks for the word, Heather) and I happen to glance at my computer.


Seriously, where has the time gone today?

Then again, this is what I've been up to:

1. Took Kendra shopping with me to get the last of the Santa's Shoebox items. We both had TONS of fun and I got not one but two parenting compliments from a fellow shopper and a person working there. Why? Because I was all 1, 2, 3ing in the store. I didn't even get to 2 and she was back in line. D says he would have died a silent death if he had to discipline in public. I said, "that's why you've got me, Baby. I have no shame" :)

2. While the kids napped, I had SO MUCH fun assembling the shoeboxes. My colleague gave me a fantastic idea. She said she didn't feel like wrapping a shoebox so she bought pretty boxes which are more durable and will be nice keepsakes for the girls (she chose teenage girls). So I looked through my stash of organising things and found 3 bright boxes which I've now used. I even got a chance to do some more washi tape therapy on one of them. If these two year olds are anything like my kids, they would just rip the tape off so I wasn't about to waste my time on the other boxes.

3. Connor spiked a bit of a fever this afternoon so stayed home with me while D and Kendra went grocery shopping. This boy is very sweet when he's a bit under the weather - still wants to be around me (quality time child) even if only to lie on the couch while I tidy up. We had a wonderful time eating, reading, playing on my bed, so much so that the minute I heard D come through the front door with Kendra, I fell asleep for one glorious hour.

4. We bathed (he'd fed the kids) them, put them to bed and I had a sudden burst of energy so I cooked TWO meals from my newly-revised recipes to try file. We had one for supper which is a keeper, except I used maize pasta instead of wheat pasta and it wasn't as good, but I taste the potential :)

Tomorrow I'm baking - I have apple bars (new recipe) pinned and I think I'm going to do some pumpkin muffins (old recipe) too.

5. And then I came to the study to get it tidied up but I got sidetracked googling fish paste because of a comment on my FB status. Do you eat fish paste (Peck's Anchovette)?

6. I've also made 4 washi tape notebooks (I'll share pics on Thursday 27th when we have our virtual craft day) and a 5th is calling my name. The thing with these things is once I start, I can't stop.

So I was thinking...

I'm going to challenge five of you to something.

I'm going to send you something in the mail - it will be the same stuff to everyone - and I want you to make something with the something I'll send (nice and vague!).

And then if you want, you can do the same to 5 of your readers, or back to me (make it easy!!!!)

Trust me - this will be small (I'll have to think because I want it to fit in a normal envelope so it whizzes across the kilometres quickly). It will also be EASY-PEASY :) but I just thought it will be nice to see different interpretations from all of us different people. Or maybe I'm just curious?

So MandyE, Mandy, Jess, Andrea and Shayne.... are you game?

(totally random - but if you don't want in, comment and I'll pick someone else from the comments :))

Otherwise, how was your Saturday?

Did you make something yummy to eat? Share in the comments.


  1. Count me in, Marcia! It's like The Sisterhood of the Travelling Craft (TBD)!!! Love it!!!

    I love those shoeboxes, too...such an awesome sentiment, and I can only imagine how much the girls will like them!

    So glad you had a great time shopping with K, and then hanging with C. Hope he feels better soon!

    Happy Sunday to you!

  2. So you are one of the awesome people who are part of Santa Shoebox. The Mission has been on the receiving end for two years now and the children are always blown away with the wonderful gifts...thank you for that:-)

    I had a wonderfully creative Saturday thank you.

  3. Ooooooo - GAME! And, did you see how the bow ties turned out?! Will C want one?!

  4. Love your boxes - they look divine.

    And yes, why not. Not sure who my 5 will be, will have to pick my crafty readers!

    I had a saturday in bed - doped up with meds as I have a throat and ear infection. Not fun.

    today has been better though x

    And no, i don't eat fishpaste. Can't stand the smell, it's completely revolting.

  5. Hope Connor is feeling a bit better? Your boxes look BEAUTIFUL. My Saturday was VERY busy. Up at the crack of dawn to take Lance to work (with the kids in tow) then breakfast with kids at the mall then a spot of shoe shopping for both kids (went to Pep, Ackermans, Jet, Shoe City, Woollies and then back to Shoe City and Jet). Then took them for milkshakes. Then we drove to that craft factory shop which was no longer there. They moved! Then we went to that craft shop where I bought a few things. There are new owners and they DON'T have binder rings - she advised me to order online and didn't even offer to try and source it for me. At least the shop looks nice and clean. Then I went into PNP to get a notebook because I had plans to cover it with some fabric. I ended up buying some groceries. Then I went to my knitting shop to buy the fabric and as I was paying for it I realised that I had forgotten to buy the notebook at PNP! I decided to go home because it was already 13:35 and the kids were starting to get very cranky. Went home and gave them lunch. Then took washing to my Mom. Left there to fetch Lance. Came home. Made a quick dinner. Got into bed because I was EXHAUSTED!
    Needless to say, today I am having a divine day playing around with some mosaic. Will link it next week. Going to link September's craft tonight because I think it deserves it's own post.x

  6. Ps...went to the PO and they were closed! They now only operate on the 1st and last Sunday of the month. Will have to try to go during the week. I did end up going to PEP again and got myself some cool baskets! They were going at R9.99 each. Joshua asked me to get for him for his "stuff" too!

  7. Oh, and I don't eat Fishpaste either. Lance LOVES it but we don't buy it at all because the kids and I don't worry with it and it seems to go off very quickly once you open it? I've been told to put it upside down in the fridge after I open it. Do you do that?

  8. Late to the party but, WOW! I'm super excited! I'm very much in! Hopefully mine won't take another two months to bounce back!

    The mere idea of fish paste makes me want to gag. Yuk! Hoping Mr. C is back to himself!

  9. I'm not sure how many Andreas read your blog but I'm hoping it's just me because I would LOVE to do the challenge! When I read your idea I thought it was the most awesome idea ever. It was so excited by it, I've never heard of anything like it before. I love a mystery, a surprise, a challenge, creating, and crafting so it sounds great to me :-)
    I've been checking the comments via my phone since yesterday to see if anyone else named Andrea popped up but I've got to the conmputer now so can leave my own comment.

  10. Your shoe boxes looks great :) Hope Connor feels better today :)

  11. The boxes look great - I registered to do one and was then told that Pretoria was all taken - and I just can not drive to Joburg for it. Next year I will go earlier.

    And I love fishpaste!

  12. Andrea from NZ, it is YOU! :)

    Glad you're so excited!

  13. Aw I want to be challenged :)

    WHERE did you get those boxes from? I am doing the shoebox as well and battle to get boxes.


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