Monday, October 17, 2011

Easter baskets and boss's day!

1000 posts

Yesterday's post was number 1000!

Who knew I had such a lot to say?!

Easter baskets

I don't have the holiday wrong... I am crazy busy trying to get my photo book done of the babies' first year and am finding TONS of pics I never got around to posting.

  • Baskets about R16,99 each from Pep - I regret only buying about 6 at the time because they are all used and I love their depth.
  • Inside - pj's from their Granny in PE and their first chocolates from us :)

Update on me

  • I phoned the good doctor today and his view is... if you're not well enough to drive yourself, you shouldn't be back at work.
  • I'm going to go back on Wed because I have important client meetings relating to the stuff I still have to tell you about from Sat but I'll work half days Wed - Fri.
  • Hopefully that will be enough of an ease-in so I'm raring to go Mon 24th.
Update on the kids

I'm sure Nanny V will be happy when I'm back at work (!) because I know we upset their rhythm when we're here.

I try and stay out of their way as much as I can but of course, I also want to see and hear all the cuteness going on. And they're cute as buttons - who knew 2 was so fun?!

However, I had to put them in time out about 3 - 4 times today because they walk all over V. They are 2, she is 27 and even one of them outnumbers her.

I gave her a little talk this morning to say that in the beginning it was important to nurture them; now it's important to train them to be decent human beings :) She thinks they can do no wrong but several times Connor didn't even bother to say "Sorry V" like he does with us after a transgression. She says "oh it's okay" but I said, "No, V, it's not okay with US that they treat you like that".

Aside from all that...

Julia and I emailed a ton, I chatted with my Wonderful Boss and told him nice things since today is Boss's Day, I sorted out some customer service stuff with Telkom and I wrote out 2 cards and wrapped 2 gifts. Oh, and I bought about 7 books for the Kindle (all Sophie Kinsella). This was all in an effort to procrastinate doing the photo books, of course :)

Any takers for anyone to do the next 5 photobooks I was so quick to buy Groupons for?!

How was your Monday? What are you looking forward to this week?

Me? getting the photo book done!


  1. Cute Easter baskets Marcia! I do hope you feel better soon and make sure you listen to the Doctor and TAKE IT EASY!!! :)

  2. Congrats on Post 1000! Neat baskets!

  3. Did you ever do the post you were planning about V? Or did I just miss it? It was a while a go now, like maybe 6-8 weeks.

  4. Oh those baskets are great!

    I think the lot here have forgotten about Boss' day though. Am having a terrible day - don't ask.

  5. I love those baskets. My Monday was busy but I managed to sort out the LIST of stuff the auditors I am happy.

  6. Pretty baskets, they would actually come in really handy all over the house I'm guessing - and of course for gifts.

    I'm finding it a bit harder to just chuck things out at the moment that we don't use anymore. I have this crazy craft something Christmas coming up and now everything first has to be evaluated to see if it could be used for one of my projects. (I'm taking loads of photos, promise, I will link up as soon as everyone has their gifts).

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