Friday, October 21, 2011

Five on Friday and some washi tape therapy

1. You know you're reading too many British books when you find yourself saying to the nanny, "V, a word, please" LOL I honestly said that. I've been enjoying the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella so much that I've already read my 5 books for the month. Hopefully I can make up for last month too.
2. This week I still got some get well soon gifts - I love it. I'm the girl who likes to stretch out birthdays and so on, so I love getting "late" presents. When we got married we were still getting gifts a year later! What's the latest gift you've ever got?
I got a lovely vase with flowers from a client in Dubai (which the kids said were from "Aunty Roz" - apparently all the flowers come from Aunty Roz - isn't that sweet?) and a bulb with the most detailed instructions ever from my friend Natalie. I loved the instructions so much because she knows I kill things.
I also got two packages from Etsy this week (technically one arrived last week while I was off sick) - full of washi tape. Yes, I squealed. I'm getting braver - I ordered orange and yellow this time around.

However, the fabric tape on this book is from a South African online store.

3. I am done with that photo book and when I say done, I mean done and DONE! I almost never want to do one again, but I know I'm just being extreme because of my bad experience. Do not use
Speaking of photos, every time I look at our sneak peek on J's site, I get more excited. Everybody's loved the pics, even the lady who first told me that "the grungy look is not my thing" when I was drooling over Newtown pics one day. My best is my boss who said, "you and D do a good job of pretending how in love you are". LOL What?! You don't send the link of your pics to EVERYONE you know?!
I think I'm going to just take the whole disk and get it all printed. I have so many I want BIG (like enormous)  and I can't wait. I think it's partly because I decided I wanted a shoot like this last year and I've been waiting to get thinner (okay, 2 kg is not what I had in mind but better than nothing although since the shoot I've lost another kilo yet my tummy is more bloated from the op) for a whole year so my expectation is high.
4. I know I need to do an update on Nanny V. Two of you wrote to ask me and my unscientific law says that there's at least 20 of you wondering :) But it's gotten worse and I'm done talking. I'm still hell-bent on NOT sending them to a pre-school (this is a topic of another post, one Blogger ate while it was half way so I'm kind of annoyed at having to rewrite it) so if worse comes to worse, I'll get someone else.
5. This says a lot about me... I haven't found my 2012 diary yet! I know!!! Shocker - I'm one of those people that buys mine in Aug/ Sept already... I'm debating between a moleskin 18-month one again (except the colours are so boring and do they make them running from Jan 2012 - June 2013? Suppose I could always washi tape the heck out of it) and the same week at a glance one I have as my 2nd one for my desk this year. It is DIVINE to the touch and made by Christian Art Publishers. I do know I need a week at a glance. That's one of my non-negotiables.

And what have I done for me this week?
  • Took off Monday and Tuesday. YAY. Have been working slightly shorter days but am determined to leave at 2 tomorrow.
  • I've been reading up a storm and it's been glorious.
  • I also cancelled a coaching appt instead of trying to "push through" and I think it will be better because of that.
  • I gave myself permission to have some washi tape therapy :) The parcels arrived at work and I couldn't resist starting so I beautified my binder clips while talking on the phone.

What have you done for you this week?

How is your self-care?

PS our next craft day is this week Thursday :) are you ready to link up?


  1. nothing like washi tape therapy! but it is so hard to find around here. they're like gold discoveries. i've decoupaged binder clips before but never thought to put washi tape on them. how perfect!

  2. You have to take a good look at Google Calendar. I know I'm being a software geek, but you'll never go back to a paper diary. It can never be stolen, lost or destroyed. You can do searches e.g. Dentist to see when you last went. You can setup repeat appointments (birthdays etc). You can layer calendars over each other (have a calendar for work and home, keep them separate or view them together). You can share your calendar with e.g. your husband (he can view your calendar to see where you are). You can invite people to events. You can have a task list with a due date on each task... it's brilliant really.

  3. Happy to hear you are feeling better Marcia....late presents are the best for sure!

    I like the idea of the boring diary with your added "touch" :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Isn't it great how something simple can make you feel so much better? I have been reading a ton this week's a much-needed escape.

    I love the feel of a new calendar. Something about all those blank pages, just waiting to be filled! However, I have to admit that I have become a Google calendar user since I got my iPhone. Jeremy and I are going to sit down soon and figure out how to sync ours (so I can make plans without even having to ask him about it! ha!).

    Have a great weekend!

  5. As you know I have taken a sanity day today and it has been fantastic! Totally. And really, I am sure if you use another program you will love doing the photobooks.

    And yes, the Shopaholic books are great easy reads.

  6. I love the Shopaholic books!!! And I wish I was as crafty as you! I use for my calendar and I can access/update it from my iPhone. Love it!

  7. I love that you're showing restraint and holding out to find the diary that you really, really want. :)

    And those binder clips are great! I just saw something online that makes me want to try washi tape on clothes pins. To be continued. :)

    By the way, have you seen any of the super cute Duct tape that's available now? I haven't bought any, but it's really adorable.

  8. I have not used a paper diary in years! I have a notebook (to make notes in) and I use Google Calendar. I LOVE it! In fact, I don't use it as well as I could be using it so I really should play some more. Haven't yet decided what to do with the Washi tape. Can I still link my craft thingy or is it too late? I didn't still want to struggle with pics etc. when I was blogging at my parents house. But, I am sorted with my home connection now. I don't mind doing two links for October. Let me know what you prefer.
    Oh, and I have been going to bed very early every night. And I'm rereading the Happiness Project. I have so much to say but can't formulate the words!

  9. The only diary I keep is on my phone (and I back it up to my laptop every week or two). I tried keeping a regular diary for a while, but i never had the blasted thing with me when I needed to! (the problem probably being that I don't carry a handbag at all) And then I'd make a quick not on the phone to put something in there when I got to it again.

    It so happened that one day I managed to double book myself three times this way! So I cancelled all my appointments for the day and stayed in bed instead.

    Now I just use the phone since I am NEVER without it anyway.


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