Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gift-giving... just for Julia

Julia wrote a post this morning (I think) about gift-giving, love languages and such.

I commented and said I think gifts might be my 3rd language because I love giving them.

I changed my mind since I wrote my comment - I think it's all part of the acts of service which is my 2nd gift - doing nice things for people is all part of it for me. And the act of wrapping the gift and jazzing it up is just part of the love.

Anyway, the rest of my comment is still true.

I love the wrapping more than the gift and there is nothing I love more than a good session of gift-wrapping.

When I'm on top of life (most of the time) I plan birthdays, get cards and gifts ready ahead of time and make a night of writing out cards, wrapping and posting gifts, etc.

I love it! 

(Who's up for a lovely session of gift-wrapping for Christmas? Hayley?)

I met this guy at work on Monday on a project I'm working on - more on that in the week to come... - we had a meeting where we sat next to each other. Of course I talk and will get to know anyone if they stand still long enough.

It was his son's 10th birthday that day (the 10th) and he said his daughter's about to arrive in the next 10 days or so.

So I decided to get her (the baby girl) a little gift. 

Here is that gift: I can't be bothered to move all the images in the correct order so just "enjoy" my wrapping. Julia, I took all the pics just for you :)

I was saying to Julia that I love ribbon - it just jazzes up anything.

My favourite way to wrap a gift is still the old-fashioned way - gift wrap and ribbon. There's nothing quite like the clean lines of a box or book neatly wrapped. I do realise I'm sounding quite weird but I'm sure there are some of you like me out there.

Yes, I recycle gift wrap if there's enough of it (the pink above was recycled from my kids' baby gifts - I think they got Bibles in that paper because I have blue identical) - I am that person saying, "NOOOOO, don't throw it away" at Christmas time :)

And then I love kraft paper (brown paper on the one side, coloured on the other). I buy mine from Clicks mainly, and recently from Pep, and sometimes I've even got some from Pick and Pay.

I love the simple look - I have silver paper for weddings, gold paper for Christmas with some nice red/ gold ribbon and bows, etc.

I'm not averse to gift bags (and use those a ton since I get so many - what else can you do with all those gift bags?!) but I can't quite figure out how people get the tissue paper to look so nice - mine always looks terrible so I have a new trick.

I staple the gift bag closed :)

It solves three problems - I don't need tissue paper, things don't move around in my car and it looks neater.

Over to you.

What are your gift-wrapping preferences?

PS He BEAMED when I gave him the gift today.


  1. I tend to like the gift I'm giving more than the gift wrapping. Probably because I'm impatient and will start all neat and organised, but then if I have a pile of gifts waiting to be wrapped, then it is less fun. I like trying to come up with the perfect present for somebody regardless of what the wrapping looks like!

  2. I LOVE craft paper, straight brown paper, my absolute favorite! DH hates it. I can't get enough. Then I like to use things like colors raffia, twines, thin ropes, and of course regular ribbon to jazz it up.

    I will admit that I loathe oddly shaped packages. I will find a giant box just to avoid wrapping something weird. I can't stand the wrinkles and creases in the paper, I'm a big fan of the nice clean lines!

  3. Ooh...I love gift wrap! And ribbon! And especially homemade tags! :)

    I am NOT a gift bag all. I have a ton of them from when the girls were born, so I do recycle...but my closest friends still get gift wrap. :)

    I do have one friend who does beautiful bags. Her tissue paper secret is to use A LOT. It always looks so pretty...but...I cannot bring myself to be that "wasteful", even knowing her trick! ;)

    I love package tie-ons, a cute little rattle on a baby gift, or a kitchen gadget on a housewarming gift.

    This may be a question for your organizing blog...I'm having trouble storing ribbon. I have acquired a lot of rolls lately, mostly for scrapbooking, and I have them in a big ziplock bag. I can't see everything, and the ribbon starts to unroll...ugh! I bought some rubber bands to at least keep the ribbon from unrolling, but I think that will only solve part of the issue. Any tips???

  4. I have been known to wrap with newspaper. It's the perfect "blank" canvas for colourful other bits!
    Your pink gift is beautiful.
    The wrapping of a gift says so much, doesn't it?

  5. Your gift is so cute.I also love taking gift .Lol.Aslo givng .

    Love your blog.

    Follow each other .

  6. Too funny is my response - I'm horrible with gifts. My DH knows it too and we discussed it just yesterday. But when I do gifts, DH wraps them. He says I'm just horrible at it.

  7. our sermon at church yesterday was about giving - and the joy of giving.

    I love old fashioned gift wrap (like you) and pretty ribbon - mostly polkadots - I adore polkadot ribbon. And then I fix it with a sticker or I even bend pipe cleaners. Example here:

  8. I also don't do much trouble with the wrapping...guess the gift is more important than the wrapping. Your wrapping looks great.

  9. Wow, that is a really pretty package - I'd be sorry to open it!

  10. LOVE that you wrote a post especially for me. Your wrapping is just BEAUTIFUL. The interesting thing is that I LOVE covering books. Am going to attempt to cover a notebook with some fabric tomorrow - all in the name of experimenting with Christmas gift ideas.
    Must go and check out the craft paper...

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