Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guess what I just got?

Yes, my disc of pics.

It was on my desk (one of my most favourite things in the world is walking to my desk and finding some happy - I literally SQUEAL!)

Can you guess which ideas for pics I pinned (without looking at my Pinterest)?

I love that Jeanette checked my Pinterest beforehand and I LOVE ALL THESE PICS, even just having a quick squiz.

 Love more...
 Connor poking Friday's eye out... and enjoying it. This is so him!
 enjoying a joke
 Mummy and Kendra (my snuggle bug)
 Love love LOVE!

What do you think?


  1. Oh, I LOVE the pic of the feet!!! Must steal that idea! :)

    [I'm so glad you got your disk...but I was secretly hoping you'd say you got an envelope from me! ;) Maybe One Day, I hope!!!]

  2. Great them! I especially love all the "art work" in the background...very urban!

  3. I love the shoe picture! We have one like that, of DH and I with our feet in the sands and I've been dreaming to have one done with the girls and us!

  4. That's Jeanette for you! Brilliant and doing what her clients want

  5. These are just gorgeous! Love the shoes especially :)

  6. I love them
    I have like NO pics of Aaron and I together, and we've been married almost 11 yrs. I keep saying when I'm not so fat...
    But I should just suck it up and get fat photos done.

  7. Jayme, go get your "fat photos" done and tell the lady to take pics of your best bits and focus on those.

    Last year's shoot, I said shoot from the hip up!!! :)

  8. Your Kendra sounds a lot like my daughter. Cuddles galore :) Love it.
    Beautiful photos.

  9. Awesome pics!!! Love them all!

  10. Glad you like the photos :) and love the comments!

  11. Awesome, awsome photos!!
    No wonder you are thrilled :-)

  12. I really like the photo with the feet. But they are all great!

  13. All of these pictures are AMAZING!!! I love them.


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