Thursday, October 20, 2011

I had to have a little talk with a certain baby girl

Last night K was running around with a pencil (not allowed) so I said, "no, Kendra, come back with that pencil".

She ignored me and carried on running away so then I counted 1, 2 and suddenly she goes WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH so D and I run to her thinking she's stabbed herself in the eye or something (the very reason they're not allowed to run around with my stuff).

When she stops crying (the snot was still running from her nose), she says, "Mummy making me scared" and trust me, I spoke nicely (no screaming).

This time I knew there was absolutely no shrew-like behaviour so I was in the clear.

And so I had to give her a talk.

A life lesson, if you will.

On how God gave them to us and our job is to raise them to be a good girl and a good boy. I know it's not nice to hear no (trust me, I do!) but this is life and I'm going to do my responsibility before God.

Are you laughing yet? D was smirking, big time, trying to hide his smile.

Then I said, "come say sorry to me for not listening and let's have a hug"

We did and that was that.

D and I had a chuckle after they were in bed about how I give them these talks (this is one of many - I have a bad manners talk too - please stop laughing, Louisa).

I remember in the Motherstyles book it said something about me coming into my awesomeness more as they age (my words, not hers :))
"The ESTJ mother loves talking to her children about what's on their minds. She uses their issues and concerns as "teaching moments" to help them with their problem-solving"
Janet Penley - Motherstyles
D's approach is to make up a story. That's his N :)

Apparently he made a story about how a little girl kept throwing her stuffed animals on the floor,   the animals got sad  and then they ran away.

Kendra had very big eyes when he said that.

I imagine they looked something like this :)

Oooh, I love this little girl - she is so quirky and different but I really need to start praying more.

Do you give yours little talks? 


  1. Those pics are totally cute!!! I should try D's approach one time and see if it works on my kids. The buy into the whole Toy Story thing so I might be able to convince them that they're toys actually do have feelings.

    How are you feeling, by the way? I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow morning about some stomach pain I've been having. It's wierd....happens after I eat almost 30 minutes to the tee. In the upper area of my abdomen with pain that radiates to my back. Tim mentioned that it sounds like gallbladder issues and that's what made me think of you. Isn't that what your medical issue was recently?

  2. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!!! I'm more like you. I will have talks with my kids and explain why we do the things we do, that we are not being mean, we're just doing our job as parents, etc... It doesn't end. I have even more talks with Phoebe now that she's so much older and understands more. I think she really appreciates it.

  3. I am all about the talks. I tend to be a bit more stern in my talks to enforce the seriousness. DH thinks I'm wasting my breath. This leaves a bit of a gap between us in our parenting.

  4. Occassionally I do give a short speech but so far, the girls either ignore me or just grin through it. We're not there yet. I promised myself I was going to investigate the motherstyles book. I didn't realise it was based on the Myers Briggs. Now I really have to get me one

  5. I LOVE those pictures, Marcia!!! I want to jump on a plane and come squeeze those round, pink cheeks NOW! :) :)

    I'm not typically one for a lot of explanations...I'll say, "It's dangerous," or "we need to be respectful of our things," or something along those lines. There are times when I sit the girls down for a "conversation", but I still feel like they're a bit young to "get it".

    I like D's story, though...I think that would make my eyes get big, too! :)

  6. Those pictures are adorable! Cutest kid ever. :) Lucky mom.

  7. Oh yes, I do. And Hunter regularly reads them (a simplified version) of the story of Eli and how he did not discipline his sons and that God was angry with him.

  8. Those pics are too cute. I do stories like D. But, as they get older I am forced to do talks. Joshua ALWAYS fell for the stories. Joel not so much. He still does his own thing...

  9. Shame...she looks like a little deer caught in the headlights of a car. Good little actress already;-)

  10. I was just talking to a friend of mine about the whole discipline thing yesterday too. I told him, I don't want to raise Nicola to be scared of everything, I'd like her to keep that fire that she has, but I also won't be doing her any favours by raising her as a brat.

    As far as throwing toys goes. I get annoyed at that really fast. The new rule of the house is any toy thrown at me or at the floor in general goes to the dustbin (and they really do). It's amazing how quickly that made a difference. All I had to do was check all the bath toys and the message was received loud and clear. Don't tell her, but I was going to chuck them anyway and replace them because some of them have started moulding on the inside. ;-)

  11. We have little talks all.the.time.

    I think it's the teacher in me.

    I can't help but turn every moment into a teachable moment.

    Except for the moments when I actually want them to learn the lesson...then I let it play out by itself while trying desperately not to intervene. The Crazies are learn-by-doing learners.


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