Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jelly and custard

D stopped by on his way to work and before he left, I told him if I die, to please raise the children as I would have liked!

Of course he HATES when I talk like this and yes, I know it's a "routine" op but the gorgeous doc at my hospital (not this one) said that whenever anaesthetic is involved there is a risk. Exactly!

But I survived and even better, this dude managed to do it via laparoscopy (who would have thought there would be a bright side in all of this?!) so we're looking at recovery time of about a week.

I'm in some pain but it's manageable as I'm still on a drip.

The bad thing is I'm on a fluids diet today - sooooo I've had a glass of litchi juice (I pour it into a 250 ml glass and top up with water) and I have 4 more little juice portions waiting for me.

Besides the jelly and custard I've already had.

I could KILL for a couple of yogi sips (yoghurt drinks). I sent D down to the Dulce (he popped in again on his way home) but they don't sell anything like that there.

Here's the thing that sucks - this morning a lady arrived in the next bed and she's French so they're jabbering away to their doctor and I hear cancer and again after the op, cancer and cancer. Does anyone who speaks French know if cancer means anything else? Because judging from her and hubby's body language it was not good news.


If you've tried to phone me, my phone's been on silent as I've been sleeping a LOT. Also they're doing some renovations in here so it's NOISY as all get out, so much so I had to refuse a visit from my friend, Natalie!

I'm also barely keeping up with the texts and voicemails - it is all HUGELY appreciated but I'm just out of it most of the time so functioning at about 10% (no jokes).

I've had two gorgeous bunches of flowers which I sent home with D so he could properly attend to them.

I phoned the kids this morning and tonight.

They think I don't know who's on the phone as it goes - "hello mummy, hello baby, KENDRA! I know it's you, Kendra". And then they tell me what they've been doing (tonight they were reading books with Daddy and my flowers are pretty, this morning they wanted biscuits - ProVita) and then D tries to get them to give the phone to their sibling (huge fighting ensues) and about 5 minute of "hello mummy" because they don't want to say "good bye".


Look at that - I've been awake for 90 minutes and I'm ready to sleep again!

Thank you for your lovely, lovely messages on the previous post - I loved reading about the good in your days :)

I had huge plans to organise two months of photos but I think I'll go home with them totally unattended to!

Good night, everybody!

PS I have the gallstone in a little specimen dish and yes, it looks gross!


  1. Glad to hear they were able to do the surgery the faster recovery way. Hope you're able to eat normal foods again soon. Hang in there.

    Hearing the story about Kendra and Connor reminds me of the boys. They act the same way all cutesie on the phone and don't want to give it up.

  2. Well at least you found your silver lining! Wishing you an easy recovery at home. Make sure you don't over do it and rest!

  3. So, so glad to hear things went successfully, AND that the procedure was able to be done less-invasively! Praise God!

    (I've been checking my computer every little bit, looking for an update...so thankful you were able to let us know how things are going, too!)

    And I just have to say how wonderful it must be for you to hear your babes on the phone. I'm not just saying this to cheer you :) ...but I think you should be some kinda proud at how well they're conversing, especially on the phone! I think that's pretty advanced to have such great dialogue over the telephone! :) :)

    Rest up, Marcia!!!

  4. Bless you! Surgery sucks in any form, i really hope you recover quickly. Big healing vibes!

  5. Hope you have a real speedy recovery girl. Glad to see everything was caught early and taken care of.

  6. Shame man, hope you feel much better soon!! Been battling with my galbladder for long now, but I am so scared of that op, that I've just been "treating" the symptons, lol.

  7. Glad to hear all went well and hope you recover soon. Lo and behold, I can not comment on your blog from my phone - others, I can. Yours, somehow not. I will persist.

  8. I am busy catching up (again)

    Glad to hear its all done and you are on the road to recovery :)

  9. I am glad it is over, and can just imagine how difficult this is for you with your two little ones.

  10. Hahaha, at least your babies talk on the phone. If I give Nicola the phone to talk to my mom or to Sean she just smiles at it and kisses the screen! Which is very cute to see, but not easy to hear, so I always leave it on speaker phone so I can tell them what's happening.


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