Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kind-of wordless Wednesday, at least for me

If any of you are detailed, you'll notice my label says 25 months. That's right - I'm only sorting out Aug pics now.

I love, love, LOVE babies in babygrows. Yes, even 27-month-old babies :)
I have no idea where Connor was in the earlier pics (running around the house?) but I'll take any alone time I can get with either of them.

What do your kids sleep in?


  1. Too cute :)

    Jack is sleeping in a vest at the moment but normally in a baby gro. I also love them in baby gros!!

    Big kids sleep in pjs :)

  2. Such precious pictures, Marcia! I just love the one of K waving her finger in front of the camera! :)

    Our girls slept in onesies (the same as baby grows?) from the time they were about 15 months until 27 months. That was after - at 15 months - Baby A pulled off her dirty diaper and made quite the mess (ahem) in her crib at the end of nap time one day. ICK!!!

    When A started wearing undies, I realized I could buy the girls their first pajamas. I LOVE seeing our girls in their pj's!!!

    I have just had so much fun buying new pairs for this fall / winter. They have a pair with a cat, one with zebras, and most recently, one with an owl. The cuteness is just too much!!! :)

  3. As I was looking at the pictures, I was thinking how cute and snuggly they look and how much I just love little ones in pajamas!

    A & M are currently going through a serious gown phase and are refusing to wear any other kind of pajamas. I have always slept in just a t-shirt, so I guess they get it honestly? I did finally find some long-sleeved gowns the other day, so maybe they won't freeze this winter!

  4. I was just going to say how I love your babies still being in babygros!! Cute photies :)

  5. Gosh, they seem to look so much alike in these! I love babygrows - I keep mine in them as long as I can (which sadly is about 2 and a half - and only Woollies have them)

  6. LOVE baby grows too. Mine sleep in PJ's.

  7. Dylan is in a onesie tonight. All summer they slept in just diapers.

    Sometimes it's just a teeshirt too.

    When it's chilly out we put them in jammies.

  8. Kendra is gorgeous! I hope when she's older she doesn't mind that the mommies arranged her marriage to a cute American boy. She can have her pick of either one! LOL

  9. Aaaw! Those are some pretty cute photos. Nicola sleeps in a T-shirt and a nappy when it's hot like now. In winter a tracksuit or fleecy pajamas.

  10. LOL Heather, I know! We've already done these arranged marriages and the poor kids don't even know!


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