Thursday, October 06, 2011

My children made me cry

So the other day I worked from home for a bit in the morning.

I left the study door open otherwise they just bang on it anyway.

Connor came in and I shouted to V to please come play with him because I was working (I really was working, not blog stuff).

So V comes in and says, "come Connor, Mummy's busy".

And do you know what Connor said?

"Mummy too busy"

Yip, I died inside.

I flew out of that chair, got down on his level, hugged him and said, "No, baby, Mummy's never too busy for you, okay?"

Of course I was mortified but it has stayed with me since.

The next day Kendra needed a nappy change so I said, "come baby, let's go change your nappy".

She said, "no, Daddy change nappy" (she ignores everyone when D is home - I've said before the sun rises and sets with him :)).

D was otherwise occupied so he said, "let Mummy change your nappy".

Do you know what she said?

Yes, you guessed it.

"Mummy too busy"

Okay, this time I cried.

There I said it - I'm not hardcore and this hurt me terribly.

D was a star and tried to do damage control - "Kendra, Mummy said she'll change your nappy so she's not busy".

These kids!

I don't know where they get this "too busy" stuff - we never say that because I don't do anything while they're awake anyway. Could it be V?

Sometimes we do things together - if I have to make a list or something, I give the child a clipboard and we all write.

So now I'm super aware of being available to them at all times, even more so than I was before.

Have your children made you cry before? What did they say or do?


  1. ahhhhh...that would make me cry too and I thank you for writing this becuase it's a reminder to me that kids really are perceptive and I need to keep my "busy" in "check".

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Yea i think it would have made me cry too. I do sometimes feel conscious that when i'm there i'm not actually there iykwim?
    It's usually the nicer things that get me, like when he tells me i'm the best mummy in the world and i'm lovely :)

  3. Mine make me cry by hitting and biting me! Nice.

  4. {{{HUGS}}} That would make me cry too!

  5. Honestly - I dont think they mean it in the way we as adults take it. They are still a little too small!

    But having said that it still hurts when they do say it.

    We do the best we can and sometimes we are just too busy and I think that is actually ok - honestly I do.


  6. When we've had an entire day of me being bitch woman saying "don't touch that!" , "listen to me!", "LOOK AT ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!! " and so on and so on. Put whining on top of that and I'm crying on the bathroom floor.

  7. Marcia, I too get moments like these where the children break my heart. I know it is not nice, not at all. Big hugs

  8. That would break my heart too. Where do they get these things from?

  9. Haha...I'm sure they've made me cry, but I've blocked it out!

    BTW, those kids are PLAYING YOU!!! They know what's going to make you feel horrible and they're pulling those heartstrings! They're master manipulators!!

  10. Julia5:50 pm

    They do make me cry! And it's so much worse when I am PMS'ing and under a lot of stress. Hang in there honey. You are doing great.xx

  11. OH my heart goes out to you - I have been there before - and wait until they are 6 - then they just say it out straight.

    But I sometimes do wonder if we working moms are just a tad too sensitive about this....

  12. My 11yo daughter made me cry last Thursday. She just seems to be the most disorganized mess (I don't say this out loud to her by the way. I try to keep it positive). Her messes that she leaves everywhere just drives me crazy!!!

  13. Nicola makes me feel super guilty sometimes. For instance when shes not feeling well, all she wants is me. When I'm not feeling well, all I want is a bit of quiet and a nice long nap. We were at my parents one day when I wasn't feeling well and I was having said nap. She comes to try and wake me up, wanting mommy-time RIGHT NOW. Of course I tell her to go play with Ouma after a quick cuddle (I really did feel terrible). Next thing I know she's jamming pieces of avo into my mouth while I sleep. My mom gave her a plate full and the first thing she did was come to give me some to make sure I get something to eat too. Isn't that sweet? Really really humbling...


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