Sunday, October 02, 2011

My goals for October

I couldn't help but be a tiny little bit sad when I read some posts last month about how people were scared to set goals.

Sad because goals are not scary.

I just did a very scientific and nerdy approach to quantifying the % of my goals that I reached.

On personal I scored 81% (this will increase once Julia links to the virtual craft day :)) and on business I scored 43%, an average of 62%.

If I were in the "beating myself up" business, I'd say 62% is terrible, why even bother, etc.

But 62% is better than nothing.

Honestly it is.

I'm not just saying that to make myself feel better - I say this to my clients and I'm saying it to you.

Yes, you :)

I feel as women especially we are SO hard on ourselves and why?

I like to reframe these things and say, "I'm 62% closer to where I want to be"... not I'm still 38% away from where I want to be :)

Get it?

Okay, off my soapbox for now and onto October goals.

What I have learnt is that I need to set slightly fewer goals if they're going to be big ones. Tons of mine were big goals last month and since I have committed to do only 10 hours of work a week on the business, I'm fiercely guarding my time so I can, at all times, be authentic.

Right, onto the good stuff

  1. Go to gym/ exercise 10 times (this is priority this month)
  2. Read 5 books 
  3. Get photo shoot done (scheduled for Sat! Anyone know of a park/ kid-friendly place near Newtown??? And what to wear?!!!)
  4. Make photo book (I have a Groupon/ Wicount voucher)
  5. Finish off my 30 days of lists book, take pics and blog
  6. Do 8 random acts of kindness
  7. Book December holiday. I need to just take an hour and make decisions and let the chips fall where they may (we've decided to take my and D's mom with us and this is slowing the whole thing down - lesson learnt - next time say "this is what we're doing - are you in? yes or no?)
  8. Finish August photos
  9. Finish September photos
  10. Make at least two washi tape crafts
  11. Two date nights with D...after kids are in bed ;)

  1. Blog every day for October (I have 24 of 31 planned - if you have an organising question, please comment and ask it on any of the Oct posts- I need another 7 besides yours, Laura) 
  2. Write back and front matter 
  3. Chase up on getting book proof-read 
  4. Book and pay deposit for my book's design. (can only do this once 2 and 3 are done)
  5. Write yet another piece for a book (these things keep jumping into my path and how can I say no to being published?!)
  6. Write article on effective delegating.
  7. Send in next 6 guest blogs.
  8. Do church talk - how to make every second count
  9. Finish tidying up organising blog's sidebars

What are your goals for Oct?


  1. I can't remember exactly how I phrased it in my blog post a few weeks ago, but I just want to tell you again, you make goal-setting sound fun...seriously. :)

    I read your posts and it just makes me want to break out the colored paper clips I bought the other day and do some organizing. :)

    One little tidbit I've learned from you recently - along the lines of my organizing goals - is to set aside a bit of time each week to organize my wallet. I'm also paying bills at that time, so I get all my financial stuff taken care of in 20 minutes or so. It really makes a big difference in the week.

    Thanks - as always - for the inspiration, Marcia!

  2. Love the way you set monthly goals. I actually have a goal of blogging everyday of October as well. It'll be challenging but getting there will also be so fulfilling. Good luck to you

  3. So you have just made me feel way better about this all and yes, I am going to do it again - might just take a few days to get it done. This week is going to be super busy.

  4. Wow, i'm so glad i found your blog. Thank you for visiting mine or i may not have found yours!
    I love goal setting and don't do it enough!
    Off the top of my head i also want to read, 3 books, craft at least 2 layouts and make 2 cards, write to all my penpals, update my blog at least twice a week and remember to take more photographs!
    Take care xx

  5. I'm back from the land of crazy busy!

    Gld to hear that you seem to be on the mend!

    Still need to post my list for October, and also my accomplishments on my sept list. Don't think i did too badly actually.

    And yes, best you book that holida before it's too late!

  6. I do not set that much goals in my personal life. I have a different approach to goal setting. Monthly goals do not work for me because of how overwhelmed I can get with a Special Needs child but I do set ones that are year and 5 yearly. The only thing in my life to which I have quarterly goals are my fitness. Fitness keep me sane with a Special Needs child, so that get more attention than other goals.

  7. I like the way you put it Marcia, I think we must keep in sight that a goal is something to aim for not the be all and end all.

  8. I admire your attitude. You set a lot of goals for yourself and you realize that achieving 62% of your goals is something to be proud of. I'm not so sure you need to set fewer goals and don't think the fact that some of your goals are big should be a problem either. I set many goals for myself and I don't shy away from really big goals. I use an organizer that I found online. With it I brainstorm all my ideas and stay on schedule. What great, though, is that it lets me easily break down bigger goals into smaller steps, and those are the ones I tackle from month to month. Every big goal has smaller ones implied in it...


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