Wednesday, November 16, 2011

not-so Wordless Wednesday... and love languages

First of all, I am blushing at all the lovely comments on my last post!

I really wasn't fishing for compliments - I really just wanted to know which posts resonated best with you - and I was smiling from ear to ear at your kind words.

Thank you very much for speaking my love language!

Especially to those of you who don't normally comment :)

Also, my internet is messing around with me at home and last night I could not get into my emails at all so I'm behind with everything but I am using the time constructively by working on my book.

Do you have any idea how expensive it is to write a book?!

Still, it's life list stuff so has to be done.

You're all going to have to buy a copy on the Kindle :)


So I'm up to date with my photo organising - and I've even done a week of November. I know - hard to believe!!! I found some cute ones to share with you :)

These were taken at Egoli. Only taken two months ago and already Connor looks different.

By the way, the photographer emailed me and said there are LOTS of stunning pics. I won't believe it til I see it :)

I should get a sneak peek tomorrow and the disc next week.

How's your Wednesday been?


  1. What a cutie! Children change so fast. I am glad that I have so many pictures of them. I was watching a movie of my 40 yr old, when she was a baby. It brought back good memories.

  2. Ooh, can't wait to see the pics! :)

    And I meant to also say to your yesterday post...I love that you engage the reader. You ask for feedback, and it's not a rhetorical question! :)

    I'll have to stop back by that post and see what everyone said! :)

  3. Gosh yes, he does look different since two months ago.

    My Wednesday has been a bit frustrating. There are things happening at work that are making me anxious that are out of my control and in order to survive I need to cross over to the other side if you know what I mean.

    Am in bed now so it can only be better in the morning after a good nights sleep. Well, it just has to be.x

  4. Oh yes! Wow they grow up fast. My Wednesday has been totally hectic and tomorrow is going to be the same.

  5. He is a cutie! I don't think I will ever be up to date with scrapping my photos...and I have made peace with that.

  6. Can you fix the blog feed? For some reason it's only giving snip its now on Reader instead of the whole post...


    Love pics, btw.


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