Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo book frustrations

People, I'm exhausted.

Last night I spent about 5 hours uploading pics to do the photo book and that was only 37 pics.

This morning my two friends and I had a little email chat. We'd all bought the Groupons at the same time.

One friend is done, one had uploaded all her pics and I was about 40% through with uploading pics.

Caren then said some magic words, "why don't you just do one photoshoot so that it's easier?"

Big AHA moment.

But somehow my internet doesn't love me and is slower than molasses.

Another hour today and nothing would upload.

So I went to work tonight to do the photobook.

I chose the beach photoshoot we had done in December last year and it took me 1.5 hours to upload and put pics in their place.


love this one - one of my favourites of Connor and D :)

I should have done this ages ago.

I was saying before, "I'm never going to use them again" and other such things.

But truth be told, do I really want to learn new software now that I kind of know this one?

I've seen some other Groupons from other places and I'm always tempted - next time I will do my homework first though.

BTW, this was http://mymemory.com

What's your favourite photo book site and why? 

PS I had my first toasted cheese and tomato (my most favourite sandwich ever!) without my gall bladder this evening. Please note I waited exactly 1 week after the surgery. Let the games begin :)


  1. Oh, IT challenges are The Worst!

    I love Shutterfly...I make a book every 3 months. I set my pictures to upload on a monthly basis. It usually takes a couple of hours, but I know to do it when I'm going to be away from the computer - like headed to the grocery store.

    I hope you'll love the results, and I hope now that you have one book under your belt, you'll have an easier time from now on. :)

  2. Picaboo. It links to my iPhoto on my Mac and thus I don't need to separately figure out which pictures I want to upload.

    That said, I've also done Shutterfly and been quite happy with that too.

    I'm not sure if I've used Snapfish for photobooks, but I do know friends that have used that or Kodak and been quite happy. I just find the Picaboo great now with the Mac. And I like the layout.

    Your pictures are AMAZING!

  3. I love shutterfly! LOVE IT! They are always dropping coupons in my inbox and I always have a projects in the works so it's nice to wait it out for a deal.

    The more you use it the easier it will be. I am fortunately blessed with pretty decent internet but I do like to wait for downtimes. I can never devote long periods of time so a page or two at a time seems to work great for me.

  4. I have done all mine with Picasso Photobooks form QPhoto - they have a branch in Joburg at Design Quarter me thinks. What I love about the program is it loads the pics from you pc onto it's own place in the program on your pc and I think resize it tiself.Only at the end when you order the book does it upload the pics onto the web - and here's the great thing - it gives you the option to either upload like this or to save and make a cd and take it in to add to your internet order. Therefore no upload frustrations no matter how big the files! (You can buy the program for R10 from them or try to download on the web (don't do = takes too long) or order it on the web and they post it free of charge.

  5. Photobooks and me = no go.

    Perhaps it's my dodge internet connection but i just don't have the patience.

    At all!

    Great pics tho, looking forward to seeing your book x

  6. I am with Shayne - i bought a voucher from BurblePix and i swear it was too much drama and effort for me. I rather kiss the R120 goodbye than stress myself with that!!

    Good on you for getting it done though.

    My blog books are another story - those are printed every year...I am up to Book 6 already and I treasure these.

  7. I am not a photo book fan...but that is only because I scrap. I heard that Shutterfly is very good.

  8. I have never done one but someone really nice, read, MandyE, has given me the opportunity to try it out and I am excited!!!

    I will let you know how it goes!

  9. I keep saying I'm going to do a photo book soon, but it hasn't happened yet. I have played around with Shutterfly a bit, and I do have a free book coupon coming up (for a party I am attending in November), so maybe I will finally get it done!

    My problem is that I want to fix all the pictures before I put them in the book, and that can take forever. If I will get better at editing my pictures when I put them on the hard drive, the problem will be solved, I think.

  10. I am glad that my suggestion to Roz gave you an idea to use your beach photoshoot. I am sure your photobook will look lovely. I can't wait to see mine! This is the first photobook that I've done, but definitely want to do more in the future. Once the 3 of us have our photobooks, we must get together for a group "viewing"!

  11. Glad you had your sandwich - glad that you did not have any pain from the greasy cheese. So happy for you :)

  12. I just received my software CD in the mail for Picassa (that cat recommended) this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I think I might try my hand at something less intimidating like the personlised desk calendars first before I tackle a photo book (and I think they woul make pretty cool stocking fillings for the grandparents too). ;-)

  13. Shutterfly...I've done them for certain events and their birthdays.


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