Friday, October 07, 2011

Probably our worst date night

Yesterday was date night.

D and I have decided to up the ante and add in another two dates in a month - so two in the afternoons and two when the kids are asleep.

We were both looking forward to it and even arranged to get some takeaways to take the pressure off me of cooking.

Anyway, we had supper and started our movie (Kramer vs Kramer - excellent, by the way) and within 30 minutes, the back started.

Oh no.

I had been PERFECT for a couple of days.

Eventually at 9:15 I took a painkiller and was out by 9:45.

At 10:55 I woke in SERIOUS pain.

By 11:10 I'd vomited twice. I hate vomiting.

I cracked and phoned my GP (I normally don't believe in bothering people outside of work hours) ten mins later and she said I could take a Synap Forte (which apparently they don't make anymore so I'm to hang onto them like gold?!) and a Norflex and if they stayed down, I'd be able to take more 4 - 6 hours later.

I'd just start falling asleep when the pain would wake me.

Eventually at 1 I got up, told D I was going to the hospital but then vomited again. Lovely.

We don't have babysitters nearby and I wasn't waiting an hour for D's mom to get to us so I put on my gown, D put the kids in the car (shame, I know - something to 2 am) and drove to my nearest hospital.

They are FABULOUS - they always have been - and I walked in with my vomit bucket and they attended to me immediately.

Long story short (because I need to sleep pronto)...

I was put on a drip for about 2 hours with saline and a painkiller, I had a urine test and plenty of bloods taken.

My BP was high (for me) - 137/87 (normally I'm of the 90/60 crowd) but my temp was normal.

Some of my bloods were slightly elevated so they think there's an infection somewhere....

That doc doesn't think it's muscle spasms because he says just doing all the things I was doing would be almost impossible if it were that.

Interesting - he poked around on my front and on the right side was extreme pain.

I'm on antibiotics (I do believe these are my first ever) and a boatload of other stuff, and if I'm not better by Monday, I need to go for an ultrasound scan and more bloods.

I think I'll go for the ultrasound in any event as I need to understand the reason why. And R1000 is totally worth that for me.

So that's my story.

Today I was booked off and my boss wrote me a lovely email to say how worried he's about me.

The kids were fantastic last night and were charming all the nurses and the doctor. Poor things - not really the kind of adventure I had in mind for October!

Good night all!

PS my first visit to casualty for me!


  1. Love Kramer v Kramer. Dustin Hoffman is my favourite actor. Sounds like you had a rough time of it. Hope things pick up.

  2. ugh! Hope you feel better soon and that the answer isn't too elusive...

  3. Oh, Marcia...I'm so very sorry to read how much pain you continue to experience. I can only imagine what an ordeal that night must have been for all of you...but at least it meant you got a second set of eyes looking at your condition. I hope you'll be able to get some answers soon.

    Until up and listen to your body. Praying for you!

  4. OHMYGOODNESS! That certainly was an adventure! Hoping you take the weekend easy and you are sleeping well.

  5. Oh no! Hope you feel better really soon and they can get to the bottom of whatever is wrong.

  6. Is it kidney stones? I don't know where the pain is but I had MISERABLE lower back pain with my kidney stones...

    either way I hope you have some answers soon!

    (this is the first time I've commented but I've been reading since your first ivf)

  7. Flip. Hope you get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.

    Seems to be going on and on and ai hope and pray that it is not something serious.


  8. Marcia, WTH is wrong with you? Now I'm worried too... word verification is "grump." Guess I should have been nicer in my comment!

  9. Julia5:41 pm

    Hope you get all the answers you need and that you get to the bottom of this. Back Pain sucks!

  10. First visit to casualty? Lucky you... at least now you know what's wrong and are on the mend again. ;-)


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