Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reason number 278 I love having twins

The little one has learned how to throw a tantrum.

From her brother.

She first starts wailing like a siren. I imitated her the other day and both C and K laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Today she didn't find it funny at all :)

Then she starts stamping those little feet and doing these movements with her hands like she's brushing away some pesky flies. All the time crying.

And since we don't give in, she then flings herself onto the ground, face-down, and kicks her feet. This is Connor's trick.

D wanted to go and talk to her today (since it's a new thing) but I held him back and said, "no, Kendra, we can't talk to you when you're behaving badly like this. Come see me in the kitchen (!) when you're ready to talk".

Well, as D and I walked away from the scene of the crime (the sunroom), Connor bent down on his hands and knees, leaned into her face and said, "no, Kendra, no being naughty. 1, 2, 3"

I laughed and laughed.

Another reason I love having twins - the one can now discipline the other.

Sure enough, 5 minutes later, she came into the kitchen and whispered, "sorry Mummy... throwing tantrum".

And we had our hugs and kisses.

By the way, the hugs and kisses are totally for me. I'll take whatever I can get.


On the weekend I was sitting on Connor's bed and said, "give Mummy a hug".

He said, "no" and ran away. On the bright side, he knows what he wants in life, right????

This is what I tell myself along with things like, "one day that stubbornness will be great when he doesn't give up on things" (D says they get it from me!)

But when he got to the door, he suddenly turned around, ran back to me and gave me the best hug ever. How I treasure these moments.

What are some of the moments you're treasuring these days?


  1. This weekend reintroduced me to true family time, not preplanned two hour bursts. It also forced me to look at life again...

    I'm treasuring the ability to just be a family, even if it is short lived.

  2. Ah man...too sweet!!

  3. Oh this is cute. L gives these huge huge hugs and soppy kisses these days.

    And A discipline them - I have now been told by the play therapist to try and get her to stop it as she is starting to be a "little stand in adult" - often happens with oldest girls. And she should not worry about things like this. I however, do find it adorable.

    Hunter mimics their tantrums - sure way to get them to stop. Apart from L but of course, it was his SID issues.

  4. Aaaw, that is so cute!

    Nicola has this thing she does at the moment. When she's just finished destroying something and I am giving her a talking to (or unleashing my shrew as you call it), she hops on my lap and gives me a big hug. she pats me on my shoulder saying, "Toemaar, toemaar..." and then I get a big kiss.

    It is impossible to stay mad at her after that...but i don't think she gets the connection between my mood and her actions all the time. I get the idea she's just trying to make me feel better because she can see that I'm clearly upset. Hahahaha!

  5. Good for you in holding your ground on the tantrum...that's the only approach that makes sense to me [although it is sometimes really hard to follow-through with!].

    And on being strong-willed, I think about that sometimes. I'm probably over-thinking it [no, not me!], but I think it's all about balance. You want your children to have respect for your authority. Although it would be nice in some ways for them to behave like lemmings, you want them to challenge and grow into their own people, as well.

    This parenting stuff is hard. But it's wonderful, too, as we are so often reminded! :)

  6. I love it....I can't wait until my little ones start talking and giving each other the 1,2,3 warnings....I am getting tired of it...LOL!

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. HAhaha....this post made me laugh and laugh. Your kids are just too cute!

  8. I love when the boys run up to me and hug my legs. And they always give kisses before I leave for work. We all do, it's our thing. You're not allowed to leave the house without kisses goodbye of whoever is awake.


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