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Sept craftiness - finally my 7 projects

My heavens, this post is late.

Last night blogger didn't like me uploading so many pics so tonight I made them tiny and I've had better success.

I had lots of little and one big project to do last Thursday and these are all of them I've finished.

Project 1
Things I love
I didn't have a place except a little basket to toss in little things I liked - postcards, notes, etc. so I made some covers, added some stickers and fabric lace tape to the cover and used my beloved binder rings to organise it all. Done!

I seriously, seriously love doors - if you take pics of beautiful doors, send them to me - I will love you forever  (esp if you're in the front of them)

my first note from my blog friend, Suzanne, who I met up with in Scotland. Suz, I wrote about our meeting today for a real book coming up at the end of the year :)

My birthday cards and notes
Again, made covers, decorated with my 2 inch circle punch and used my binder rings

card from the kids
and from D
and from other special friends
from more special friends
as you can see, you never waste time writing nice words to me :)

Project 3
My year in review book
  1. This took most of the night - last month I typed out everything in a Word doc, going through pics and my blog posts to see what happened in my life, and also selected a pic that I loved from that month.
  2. In prep, I printed out these pics (I actually did more than one for some months just in case they didn't look right - as you know I'm impatient) and tried to make the Word doc fit the jpg space. It looked all kinds of ugly so I abandoned it in favour of the longer, cuter version.
  3. On the actual night I painstakingly wrote it all out in different coloured gel pens and it now looks STUNNING!
  4. No, I won't show you because some of the pages are quite personal :) but I'm up to date as at the end of August. I do have Sept typed out though.

only had to use washi tape on the first one to make sure I had exactly 24 pages for the 12 months

Project 4
My business manual
  1. Used a brag book from Clicks (R9,99 each - I bought about 10 - I have big plans!!!) to put some of my systems in there.
  2. I've simplified a lot and am tired of big, bulky files so I'm going small and cute, with a little reminder to be awesome!
  3. Won't bore you but e.g the process I go through whenever I write a newsletter to make sure I'm repurposing every single bit of content whatsoever.
  4. And so on. Not at all interesting unless you have an online business :)

I also found pics from my first professional photo shoot (Feb 2008) so I put these in the back too - look how thin I was - this is pre-IVF drugs so I weighed about 55 kg.

Project 5
My new "real" brag book
  1. The first brag book which now lives in my drawer at home has photos from the first two photoshoots - the one at my work and the beach one
  2. I love, love, LOVE the print on the cover. It's for free (check my Pinterest) and I had it printed in 10 X 15 at a proper photo shop so it feels all gorgeous (you know what a tactile person I am).
  3. I have some pics from the babies' party and from my friend's daughters' party, and will add some more as we get more pics printed.  I do plan to print some more at the end of the month
  4. I love having a little brag book in my bag to show people (is that weird? do you have a little brag book? not pics on your phone - real pics!) and I get very positive feedback - not only on the babies' cuteness but on the fact that I print pics (I'm passionate about printing actual pics).
  5. Also, it's WONDERFUL to keep the babies occupied in church, etc. :)

Caren, if you're reading, this pic you took of me kissing K is SUCH a gift to me. I can't tell you enough how much I love it! Thank you for being a blessing.
the pic on the left is one of my favourites of Connor ever - I'm convinced when he's 18, he will have that exact same expression on his face LOL
oh and these grey skies - be still my beating heart! Mmmmm :)

Project 6
My book of beautiful pics
  1. I love weird things and non-typical pics, and I drool over them.
  2. I decided to fill yet another brag book with pics that I love for whatever strange reason.
  3. This brag book lives on my desk in a little basket so when I'm procrastinating or uninspired, I glance through it, go MMMMMM and feel energised again. In literally about 10 seconds.
  4. I think everyone needs something to make them go MMMMMM :)
  5. My one currently has pics I begged my darling friends K & B (the ones who got married in April) to make prints of for me.
  6. Bis the same as I am and takes pics of windows and doors, washing hanging on lines, etc. These were taken in Greece.
  7. When I get all my photos organised (as I've been typing this post, I realised I'm going to make another book with doors and windows! and yet another of beautiful landscapes I've taken on our travels - I do take a decent landscape shot (considering my camera) and have some beautiful ones in Thailand, Australia, and all over the UK, and Knysna was also good (and gray!) if I remember correctly.

LOOK at the colour of those shutters - doesn't it make you go mmmmmm?

Project 7
EPIC fail!

 And then it would be remiss of me not to mention my epic card-making failure. I was going for a simple look but instead they're just boring.

But never fear, friends, I still have big plans for them and have already jazzed up these a little bit. I'm going to add more texture, some writing and whatnot and just you wait and see! LOL

If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back!

And that is the end of all the projects I did for the September Virtual Craft Day.

What do you think?

PS Our next craft day is on 27 October.
PPS have you guys seen all the drama on the internets about pinning things on Pinterest? I will blog tomorrow.


  1. Love these! Very impressed by how focused you are, even when you are crafting!!! :)

  2. Beautiful. Really love your brag books.

  3. I am so glad you love my pic! Love your brag books!

  4. Am very impressed with all your craftiness!

    One question - where do you house all of your books/binder books etc - apart from the ones that you have in yr bag etc?

  5. Wow, you were super industrious! Where do you keep all these? (That would be my issue).
    I keep photos on my phone - and show those to all. New phone expected any day.

    As to pinterest - not on

  6. I have a little metal basket (cost me about R8,99 at Pep!) that they all fit in quite nicely.

    I already have Christmas cards 2010, babies birthday cards, baby bday scrapbook, plus all these and there's still space. it really doesn't take a lot of space - I will take pics.

    But actually a good old shoebox will do the job just fine!

  7. I am seriously impressed with everything you had done...and I love the idea with the birthday cards...now I just have to find where I have put my 50th cards;-)

  8. I love your brag books, Marcia! I've done a couple recently, and I'll be doing more. I think it's a great way to "gift" scrapbooking.

    And I love that you found a great way to keep cards and special, pretty things together.

    You remind me how nice it is to surround oneself with pretty things...we deserve it! :)

    And I haven't heard about the Pinterest issue...looking forward to the scoop from you! ;)

  9. WoW! You have been busy....VERY BUSY! i love the card colder thingie...I am gonna "Scraplift" this one, if you don't mind.

    You are VERY creative Marcia!

  10. Blog drama? Nope, I'm too far behind.

    Yes, Connor will be giving you that look FOREVER!!!

    Love your brag books...I need to do something with old cards.

  11. Julia5:56 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your craftiness. And it just warms my heart to see my card with all your other special stuff.xxx


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