Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seven on Sunday, and a little snag

1. I made chicken and cashew nuts again today. I'm refining it more and more. 1/2 onion, 400 g cubed chicken breast, 1 bottle Wellington's sweet and sour sauce (R13,99 at P&P) OR 1/2 bottle Ina Paarman's Sticky Marinade (R26,99 at P&P but I can only find it at 1 of the 3 around my home). Serve with broccoli and rice/ noodles. That's our indulgence for the week - back to totally healthy eating tomorrow :)

Have you made this recipe yet? 

2. The babies were being so fussy with food today so I got D (!) to taste it - I'd made mince with baked beans, tomato and veggie cubes which they love and told V to do two meals worth of baked potatoes.

Well, D said the potatoes were terrible and she hadn't put enough of the sauce on to smother the potatoes (like I do). I tried to rescue the meal with some milk and cheese but then they just wanted the cheese.

So tonight's supper for the babies - cheese, spinach, carrots, bread roll, banana and half a scone. At least it's varied...

3. I really, really thought I was done with this hospital nonsense BUT yesterday when I was taking pics of my wounds for you guys, I noticed they left a stitch in. See my lovely bruises, extremely dry skin (I have not moisturised for about 20 days (it is too tender to touch unnecessarily) but yes, I am using tissue oil just on the scars.


*sigh* D refuses to "try and take it out, and insists I go back. But I'm not. I'm going to text my doc and if it really must come out (it's all of 2 mm) then I'm going to first try the nurse at work, otherwise my GP.

I can't tell you how annoyed I am - I hate incompetence.

a little aside... the other day the kids said, "Mummy going to hospital?" So I assured them that I was definitely not going if I could help it. But they were adorable with their little furrowed brows :)

4. Yesterday I went to print 180-something pics - 160 from the photoshoot, my year in review pics and a few others - I like to see them all especially before deciding on which to print big. Last year I actually thought we'd put another on canvas until I saw it in print and the colours didn't move me the same as they did on screen. So we chose another.

That's my helpful tip of the day. R2,95 vs R500. And I still can't stop staring. The manager of the shop said, "what lovely pics. So different!"

Connor came with me while Kendra went grocery shopping with D. As usual he was an ANGEL. They are both amazing when they're singletons


5. I've made a Pinterest board called I made these things (I've only gone through 2 of my boards and I see I've made 5 things so far) after I read LauraC's post. While I don't agree with everything she said, I do agree that we need to take some action otherwise what's the point of wasting all that time just looking... Laura, I'm not commenting on that post because I want to link to it from my other blog and I don't want people clicking through to this one.

6. I'm so glad Google Reader is quiet and that I don't do Halloween so I can get my Sept photos sorted :)

Do you do Halloween? What are you doing? 

7. I'm fully indulging myself this month - have now finished 7 books. They're all Sophie Kinsella :) except for 1. Normally I try and read a non-fiction but I needed the pure escapism. My goodreads account still tells me I'm 5 behind my goal so I need to read like this for the rest of the year.

So how was your weekend? 

P.S. Right, I have a pile of filing calling my name. Okay, not exactly calling, but annoying me!


  1. Have not made that recipe yet but I will! Looks easy and sounds yummy.
    I would just go to the nurse at work. Seriously. That would annoy me too. Am going to make a board like that too! I try to make something from Pinterest every month for the craft linky so I mostly pin with the intention of actually making. We don't do halloween though my son was invited to a halloween party yesterday that he didn't go to. I have just marked as read all my craft blogs in GR. Pumpkins and halloween in every single post!
    And btw...your pinterest link doesn't work. Am popping over to the other blog you linked.

  2. We went to the vet on our Sunday. Wrote about it in my last blog entry.

    Yes, the kids will probably dress up for Halloween and hubby will take them trick or treating. But we're not that big into it. We certainly don't do lots of decorations and so on. Halloween here is bigger than it was in SA.

    I must try that recipe, but will have to find a replacement sauce, don't think we can get it here.

  3. Chicken cashew sounds yummy. Hope you can get your staple taken out. They use as special little tool to pull it. Don't think needle nose pliers will work. I enjoy seeing all the little kids out trick or treating, but when they become rude teenage scavengers, I'm not so happy. So I turn off the lights and hope they left their marking pens at home.

  4. Stitches are very easy to remove - I'm a little squeamish and I'm happy to do it. You just pull with tweazers till you find the knot and then cut just next to it and pull it out. As far as I know, if it's not dissolvable it should come out and sooner rather than later. The nurse at work can definitely do it if you don't want to, I'd just do it myself if D doesn't want to. We went to a great Hallowean party at the American neighbours of my folks, such fun and they went to so much trouble. My brother lives in Arizona and they went to about 5 different parties over the course of the weekend so at least my girls could swap Hallowean party stories with their cousins. Chris took the girls to their first ever movie this afternoon - The Smurfs - think they found it a bit long. They loved the popcorn!!

  5. Sorry to be a boring old drag but you need to get that stitch out... I had a biopsy in my back when I was a kid and the surgeon left a stitch in ... he said it will work its way out in time - bah!!! Thirty years later it still flares up from time to time and now it will need a bigger cut than it ever warranted to dig it out. I suggest you get it out and banish the whole event from your mind forever... Apart from that piece of cheer - well done on all your reading - hope you have a fab week!!!

  6. Connor looks like such a middle aged man in this picture! Such a little man! When did he grow up???

    You can totally clip the stitch yourself with tweezers and some scissors. It's not worth the trouble to see someone.

    We are taking the girls out in costume, but only to a handful of houses. We live in an older neighborhood so we won't be handing out candy, but I certainly plan on having more than my fair share! I refuse to be the parents who go all through town or let them go out in packs of teenagers. I feel that everything here is too extreme.

  7. I haven't made the recipe yet, but I don't have the sauces you reference. I'm not sure if we get those in the US. It is one of my favorite chinese take out dishes, but I get disappointed when it doesn't turn out the way I expect, so I should learn to make myself.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has twins that are only angels when they are without the other. I swear they feed off each other's energy.

    And Halloween is huge here! I'll have pics posted tomorrow evening. Phoebe gets to wear her costume to school tomorrow, so I'm sure tomorrow when she gets home from school, she'll be wanting to immediately go trick or treating.

  8. We love Cashew nut chicken from our local chinese place - I have tried to make it but it never tastes the same so we buy it for a treat rather.

    We dont do halloween - we have done it in the past but my kids circle of friends dont do it so there isnt anything convenient on or planned - so we skip it.

    Our weekend was good - did lots of stuff around the house :)

  9. Heather, the original one I referenced (a good few months ago) was on a blog.

    Check my Pinterest and click the I made these things board :)

    Okay, okay, I'll phone the nurse. I can't see the stitch properly so it's safer for someone else to do it. And yes, I am SUPER squeamish :)

  10. We don't do Halloween either, well not the traditional one anyway. On occasion in the past I've been roped into Halloween themed parties, which wasn't bad.

    Those bruises look mighty tender. I hope they clear up soom and that you feel better. Can't believe they left a stich in! But that might be slightly better than what happened after my C-section when my sunroof started opening again after they took the stitches out!

  11. That sucks regarding the stitch that was left behind - I too hate incompetence.
    Love the photo of Connor.
    I don't do Halloween - against my Christian belief.
    7 books already - wow! You so deserve the indulgence :)

  12. Nope, have not made yet because I have to be so careful of nuts.

    So glad there is very little to no Halloween around here - I do feel it is grim and have not read enough to make a decision but suspect it will challenge my belief system in any event.

  13. I'd be SO PISSED if I found a rogue stitch in my side! WTH???

    Weekend was good...we were all together with crazy weather and light plans. Can't beat that with a bat!


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