Sunday, October 09, 2011

Seven on Sunday

1. I am so ready for tomorrow's scan. And I've refrained until right now to google "bad things" that show up as pain in that area. My back is fine now and it's just the abdominal pain - when I walk it's even sore.

2. We went to church today and purposely sat in the family room (without kids :)) so that it was easier to walk around for me. They stayed with us for Praise and Worship and let me tell you - there is nothing cuter than a little baby raising their hands worshiping God.  I nearly cried it was so sweet. It's funny how quickly kids grow - mine now seem like the big ones in the class because they 1) don't cry 2) tell other kids "it's okay, no crying" :) 3) say "hello thembie, hello lizzy".

3. Speaking of kids... yesterday when we got home after the photo shoot (I can't stop SMILING when I think of it), they were meant to nap. Well, there was some excitement going on so I peeked my head inside the room. Connor announced that he wanted to sleep on the floor. No problem. We moved his duvey and pillow to the carpet with a light blanket for on top. About 15 minutes later the noise levels had increased and I checked again. They TOTALLY trashed their bedroom. All my neat piles of clothes were tossed everywhere and I was so cross. I made them put them all back (of course in a mess but they need to feel the consequences) and then they both went to time-out while V and I folded the clothes again.

4. I'm nearly finished shopping for my Santa's Shoeboxes - I just need the clothes for the 2 year olds and the actual shoeboxes. I can't wait to decorate the boxes and make them look pretty - I also want to write the 13-year-old girl a message of inspiration (you know me!). If you haven't signed up yet, and you're on the fence, just do it (27400 kids don't have donors yet). I've just added some things every time I go to the shops (Clicks - faceclothes, soap, toothpastes), (Christian book shop - some cute board books and a lovely journal for the 13-year-old, etc). Before you know it, your box is full and it costs you almost nothing when you look at it on your total grocery bill.

5. I'm sleeping so much because of the meds that it's wonderful on the one hand (I do love my sleep) but on the other hand my to-do list is getting longer. I would have finalised my budget for Sept last week but my piles of receipts are still staring me in the face and you know what? I don't care!

6. On Friday when I was home, V was very sweet and got the kids to pick some flowers (I have about 3 in my garden total - my requirement was a verrrrrry low-maintenance garden so I don't stuff things up) for me. They put it in these tiny vases I have (I had a set of 3 but one's miraculously disappeared - I don't care about stuff so it's not a big deal), about 6 cm tall, came to the bedroom, bursting with a secret and said, "Mummy! Get well soon!" Oh it was the sweetest thing ever. They're at that adorable stage and I'm loving it. Rebecca's warned me that 3 is not that wonderful so I'm relishing the little moments for the next 9 months :)

7. I taught the kids to make flowers yesterday. We certainly can't grow them! Too lazy to go take a pic (remember it's sore to walk) but I took my flower punch, my 1 inch circle punch, pasted the circle on top of the flower and then used green washi tape for the stem and leaves. Kendra pronounced it "very pretty, Mummy". Connor was more impressed with D drawing him a train with carriages :)

this is how cute my upcycled formula cans look these days

So what's up with you?

Pray for me please - that they find something obvious to treat but not serious (!)


  1. I will absolutely keep you in my prayers and thoughts for your scan tomorrow. I know how very stressful the wait can be!

    Today is a rather busy day as we are getting the activity packs ready we'll be delivering to kids in hospital tomorrow morning. I even got the kids to help :-)

  2. Good job on not searching the internet for symptoms :)

    I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  3. You sure are busy and I fully agree with you that it's the sweetest thing, seeing a kid worshiping God. Well done to you and hubby for making sure your kids know God.
    I found a new hobby which you can read all about on my blog :)

  4. Holding thumbs and have prayed for you. Am sure you will be a ok.

    Yr kids sound like they are at an adorable stage - so cute.

    I did santa's shoebox last year, this year am donating money elsewhere. yr so right, compared to my grocery bill (a blog to follow on that) what is a couple of hundred on a pressie for a child?

  5. Thinking of you and trust all will be fine and fixable, no mess, no fuss! x
    The photo shoot pictures are sooo good! I think that's the first set of photo shoot pics that's made me want to get one done for DH and I -- Gorgeous!!
    Take care of yourself.

  6. Your to-do list will wait until you're better...we've gotta figure out what's ailing you before you get back to life, full force.

    Don't let my rendition of the 3s scare you. The majority of my friends said it was their favorite age.

  7. Oh I will keep you in my prayers my friend!

    Oh and you should hear L - he is heavy into praise and worship. In our church they call the kids to the front where they sing, facing us and do little movements on it. He is simply adorable. He just goes full out for it.

  8. commenting late to say that I hope the scan was okay!!! Obvious but not serious. Yes, exactly.

  9. I am praying for you Marcia.... *hugs*

    Let us know how it goes!


  10. Love your pretty cans, and your flowers sound adorable. :)

    You gave me the idea for some round punches, and I'm loving mine, too!

    Very glad to hear you've been resting, even though it means setting your to-do lists aside for a while. You have to take care of you, first!

    Praying for you and hoping for good news, Marcia!

  11. Your kids are just adorable!

    I've heard four is worse than I'm also taking all the good I can from almost 2. ;-)


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