Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So I went for the scan

And here's where I'm glad I'm assertive.

They could only see me today at 8:45 but I said, "no, it's an emergency - I've been keeping the pain at bay through 4 different sets of medication" and then I moved up to 1:45.

Went to work in the morning (boss said, "should you be here?" and I said "I'll be fine once the painkillers kick in"), had a great meeting and then I was off.

The radiographer did her thing and then said, "I'm going to call the doctor" and that was the first yellow flag.

Next a very attractive doctor came in (seriously gorgeous!), did the same scan and turned the screeen so I could see the gall stone in my gallbladder.

He said some words starting with acute and I did my thing of tuning out. He said to go back to casualty immediately so they could admit me.... again, tuned out.

I waited for my results and went to casualty where I saw the same guy I saw on Friday morning.

He says to the receptionist, "the name sounds familiar" and I said, "trust me, I looked 100 times worse the last time you saw me" :)

That's my green vomit bucket next to me, the one I brought all the way from home.

As you can see, I didn't care what I looked like.

Anyway, he called me in and another doctor explained that I had to be admitted because the location of the gallstone was such that it was blocking a duct so the bile couldn't drain and so the gall bladder was being inflamed and was in fact poisoning me.

And here's where things went wrong.

I asked to go home to see the babies (prep them otherwise they'd give D hell the whole night "where's Mummy") and they told me be back in 30 - 60 minutes.

And no eating!

I'd just got home and started packing when I got a call saying the hospital was full and no beds were available.

My second choice is Linksfield because it overlooks such beauty but when I phoned my medical aid, I found they were out of the network so I'd have a R4150 co-payment.

I don't know about you but I have better things to do with R4150 so I asked which hospitals were in the network and chose the one I'm most familiar with - I had my first two laparoscopies here.

When D arrived, we drove here and then the hell started (Roz, I think that's when your call came through, and my father's and one of my colleague's calls - in the midst of the admin nightmare).

Apparently my casualty should have phoned and spoken to a surgeon so they wanted me to go to their casualty again.

No, said I, I'm not paying another R600 just for your red tape - get me a manager.

And eventually...... (those dots indicate lots of waiting time), I was admitted. The minute it looked like it would be fine I sent D home to the babies so V could go home (late for her - he only left at 5:45).

Here's the terrible part - I've had 5 ops in the past, incl the C-section - and D's been with me for all of them, there until the last minute before they kick him out and so on.

This time because of the babies he had to be with them because we had no-one to stay with them. And so I was ALL alone except for my cell phone.

But you know you can't talk properly with hundreds of nurses around so I only took my mother's call because she was frantic (my brother and I were skyping about the photo shoot and I told him about how I was drugged to the hilt because of the casualty visit, he told her and my sister, my sister phoned my landline and V told her I'd gone to the hospital so of course, she freaked and told my mother who freaked some more). Hopefully you got all that.

The doctor eventually came to see me after his surgery and said they have to take the whole gall bladder because the stones could just come back. Immediately afterwards, I won't be allowed any fatty foods (not a huge problem for me) but in the long-term my body will adjust.

(I am so glad the photo shoot happened before all this drama!)

So it's happening later today - 10-ish..... and in the meantime, I'm on a drip from hell.

It took 4 attempts to get the needle in (apparently I have thin veins - at least something is thin!) and I must confess, I cried like a baby.

I hate needles and the 2 IVFs have not dulled the needle hatred.

They also gave me a jab in the tummy (clexane) but this time (unlike the last laparotomy) I was clever and pinched some fat for them to jab into. Still burned like anything and again, I cried!

When the nurses left, I phoned D to cry some more.

Shame, I shouldn't because he feels powerless.
I really thought once I had the babies, my hospital days were over!

(Just phoned home and spoke to all 3 of them - lovely conversations with the kids "love you Mummy" and "Daddy took dummy" "fell on chin... Daddy kissed it better" - too darn cute!)

So that's me for now - hopefully, if I survive the op (yes, I'm melodramatic with these things), I'll blog again tonight.

The doc said hopefully they can get it out via laparoscope (please pray specifically for this) - that's a one-week recovery time as opposed to a proper cut which is MUCH longer (I didn't even ask but based on the last laparotomy, 6 weeks - it will kill me!).

So tell me something good happening in your life. I really want to know - cheer me up please!

PS I can't eat so am staring at my pack of Marie Biscuits longingly...


  1. M, I am so so sorry you are going through this. Too awful for words. As I said last night, I am here if you need anything. Pity I am not closer but I will make a plan if needs be.

    Praying for you.

    Much love

  2. Wishing you lots of love and luck and praying for you (yes, specifically for the lapa.....)

    I am so glad that they have discovered the problem and that you will soon be back to your usual un-miserable self.

    Am going to ask Julia for your mobile number. xx

  3. Oh no!

    Will be thinking of you.

    Unfortunately nothing good to share :(. Like you I would also have better stuff to do with 4 grand, or the 18 grand (yip...) I was quoted yesterday to get some stuff done to my car. At least it is down to 10 for now.

    Good luck! And update ASAP!


  4. Oh you poor poor baby, all alone... Wish you were in Cape Town I would rush over and hold your hand... Lots of love and prayers - Be strong, you can do this, it is hard but you are one tough nut!!! Many prayers and hugs and hang in there....

  5. Hi Marcia,

    Sorry that you are in hospital. Already said a prayer so that everything goes well. will be thinking of you around 10-ish.


  6. Oh my goodness! I'm so very sorry for what you are going through! Hope you feel better really soon!

    What's happening in my day to make you happy? We delivered craft kits to kids in hospital to help brighten their day!

  7. Yikes, girl! Well, I guess it's good that it was something obvious, but I wish it had been less serious :(

    I'm not sure exactly what our time difference is but I suspecft you might be in surgery right NOW so I will leave this comment quickly so that i can specifically pray for the less invasive version of the surgery!

    And ummmmm..... something good..... my husband's boss just dropped over unexpectedly and the children were basically ANGELS. Amazing!

  8. Oh man, this is all to horrible for words. What a nightmare with all the admin and bureaucracy! So glad you are now in and settled. It will soon be behind you . Much love. xxx

  9. Shame man!!! Sounds terrible, and that's with PRIVATE healthcare. What a logistical (not to mention emotional) nightmare. Hope you recover super fast, and glad they found the problem.

  10. OH NO! That really stinks!

    I had my gallbladder taking out last year. The day of surgery was rough. Once I vomited up all the bile (gross!) I could eat and felt better. The 2nd day the pain was worst. A heating pad was my life saver! Third day, I was sore, but was able to get up and do some light house work. Day four, I was completely back to my normal activity level and was enjoying walking all over Washington DC with my family that came in from out of town.

  11. Seems my comment from this morning disappeared - keeping yo u in my prayers. And we had a great OT session

  12. Marcia, I'm so thankful to know your diagnosis. I was thinking of you all day yesterday, checking the computer for an update. I was so glad to see a post this morning!

    By the time I'm writing this, I hope that your surgery went very well, the less-invasive route. And I hope by now you're resting comfortably and on your way to recovery.

    And as for something good in my world...on a "Marcia note" to cheer you? I made The Cutest Craft with the girls yesterday for their scrapbooks...they loved it! And they are still loving their new shelf / organization system. B has cried a couple of times over the past couple of days, wanting me to help her clean up...even though there were only a handful of toys out of place. She's in a position where she likes things spotless, I guess! ;)

    Continuing to pray for you, Marcia, and hoping you'll feel well enough to give us a status update later today.

  13. Ugh! hang in there - wishing you a smooth and easy surgery and quick recovery. thinking of you!


  14. Sending lots of prayers your way!! I'm hoping you were able to have the laproscopic surgery and will have a very easy recovery.

    Something good? Well, you might appreciate the fact that I have decided to apply for a job that I feel might be WAY out of my league, but I'm going for it full-force anyway! : ) (This is a big step for me...)

  15. I'm so sorry you're sick!!!! I disappeared from blogs for a bit to focus on my lists and trying to get things done and I come back to this! You poor thing. Please let us know as soon as you can how you are doing.

  16. Is it a laproscopic surgery? My sister had her gallbladder out a few years ago without a problem. My sister-in-law just a few weeks ago and recovery was rougher for her - despite laproscopic. I thins she was off more than a week. Good luck and get some support system to help with kids/chores while you are recovering. P.S. I love how you fight and manage situations - very empowering!

  17. Oh no!! I'm so sorry you're going through this! I'll be praying that the surgery goes smoothly and your recovery will be quick and uneventful!

  18. Oh goodness! I hope it all goes smoothly from here on out for you. I had a gallbladder attack after I had B and I thought I was dying, it was worse than labor.

  19. Good luck hunny! Thinking of you!!!!

  20. Sending lots of love...so sorry that I am only getting to read blogs now. Hope you will be well very soon.

  21. Oh, man...I'm so glad you went to the doctor. The pain must have been ridiculous!

    I cry when I'm sick too...reading this almost made me cry.

    My sister announced her pregnancy...she's having a girl...that's really good news, right?

    Get well soon...you can do this!

  22. My goodness! How bad I feel that I missed this...you are one strong lady Marcia! Sending you lotsa happiness and cheer your way!

  23. It's probably one of the worst alone feelings when you have to go for a operation on your own...that has only happened to me once, and only because it was such an emergency that it happened with hardly any notice (30 minutes) in the middle of a work day that I just managed to get myself to casualties. It's not fun to wake up alone after something like that either - especially if you have wild side effects from anesthesia like I do!

    *giant hugs*


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