Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summer is here & pics of my op scars

Gosh it was hot today.

32 degrees! And it's going to be the same tomorrow and of course, I have client meetings so have to DRIVE in the heat. I think I'll focus on the fact that I enjoy meeting with my clients.

Anyway, back to today.

I start wilting at 28 degrees so imagine just how unproductive I was. Connor seems to be the same as I am except he loses some appetite too.

The two of us decided to have an afternoon nap that was about 2 hours long!

This is not a bad thing except... there are THINGS I'm meant to be doing.

MandyE and I have this thing where we mail each other what we intend to accomplish and then we check in again at the end of the period and .... I'm 40% done with what I wanted to accomplish.

On the bright side, I've "assembled" the craft kits. Oh, I make myself laugh. I literally went through some things and where I had 5 or more of anything, chose some stuff. I have tried to make the packaging a little bit pretty though. So the first couple will be jetting across the miles tomorrow as I actually have two international stamps in my wallet (yay me!).

One of those things on my to-do list was to sort my pics. And look what I found - some self-portraits of my wounds.

Look away if you're squeamish!

that top one (bottom one in the pic) is getting so itchy and I'm only seeing the doc on Wed. So I've been checking it myself and I now have two normal plasters over those stitches because I couldn't leave well enough alone. Story of my life.

do you like my sheep pajama bottoms? The kids love them :)

 these pics are not very good but there's a bruise on my hand from where those incompetent nurses tried to get a needle into my vein.

this is where the actual drip went in. It is STILL very tender to the touch today, nearly two weeks later. I know I sound like a wuss but I've had good nurses (with the IVFs) and bad ones, and these ladies were all very baaaad.

Remember... my little gallstone was obstructing the duct that drains the bile from the gall bladder. So my GB was getting more and more inflamed and started poisoning my body.

Interestingly, my one colleague said she thought I'd been looking "off" but thought maybe that's just me at the end of winter (her first year with us). Hahaha.

More interestingly, I can see how I've been healing because I could see my colour in my face was getting better and not so grey. D thought I was talking nonsense but the girls at work agree that I'm looking better every day.

Do you notice things like your colour being "off"?

How was your Sunday?


  1. You look like you've been attacked by a pitch fork!

    I've never noticed my color, but everyone else seems to. Apparently I get very pale which is amazing considering I am as white as white can be!

    Hope all is well and healing. I'm like you and can never leave well enough alone. I would also be too curious to see what was under the bandages.

  2. Ouch that looks painful!!!

    Can't even imagine your temperatures. It never gets that hot here! I don't think I could cope if it got that hot!

    My Sunday was mostly quiet really. Today is a public holiday so it keeps feeling like a Sunday and schools are meant to start tomorrow and I can just see myself forgetting about that!

  3. I don't have any experience with laproscopy, but I guess I didn't think you'd have that many incisions...ouch! Hope everything is healing properly and you get a good report on Wednesday!

    It's close to bedtime, and I'm proud to report I'm 90% done with my closet...and I did some work in J's, too. Woo hoo! The difference is...I had a 10 minute nap...but I'd say a 2 hour nap is probably worth not having gotten everything done! :)

    Safe travels tomorrow!

  4. Yes, summer is here with a vengeance! Luckily our house is relatively cool. And so glad you are better - we had a quiet day.

  5. Yes, summer is here in full force. Fans are working hard in our home because of how hot our house is.
    Glad to hear that your wounds are healing good.

  6. Mandy, this is my 3rd laparoscopy! They tried to do the 3rd one and ended up doing a laparotomy (c-section cut) for surgeries 3 and 4.

    I know, crazy.

    And do you know what? This is my glass half full version - it could have been another proper cut which takes 6 weeks to heal!

  7. I have never been operated on (except for a dental procedure in primary school and a sinus flush in std 6) so I don't have scars on my body. I think that scars are cool though. They tell a story and serve as a reminder of a period in our lives - like a tattoo in a way.
    Seems like the healing is going according to plan though so that's all good.
    Our CT weather has been very unpredictable. If I wear long sleeves then it's too hot, if I go sleeveless then it's too cold. And if I'm outside without a jacket it starts to rain. We just can't win with the four seasons in one day...

  8. How is it that you have hardly any stretchmarks?! (so jealous)

    I'm glad you're feeling better now and that they didn't have to do the big cut.

  9. Ok I have to say it - even your plasters look organised and neat!

    It took 2 weeks for the tenderness to go away in my arm where the drip was from Jack :-/ Nurses need lessons in this!!!!!

    Our sunday was good - we drove to Harties to watch D in his first mountain bike race and then we ate leftovers all day from our engagement :)


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