Sunday, October 16, 2011

The taming of the shrew

I sent my friend a text yesterday saying something like "the weekend will be the true test" of how good I was feeling, or not.

And boy, was it true.

The kids were in top form today and I'm exhausted.

you're going to see plenty of pics from this shoot because I just love them all so much

Sassy as anything, dragging out any instructions til eventually I turned into a real Sergeant Major... which, contrary to expectation, I hate being.


We got home from church, I situated the kids with their lunch and supervised a bit. When D took over supervisiong (Connor stands and escapes from the straps so we have to be in the vicinity - I've had enough of emergency rooms), I went to the bathroom and then got out of my pants to put on something cooler.

By this time, they were done and I got onto the bed to rest just for a minute. I was sitting in my t-shirt with panties and in a flash, Kendra starts stripping.

Me Kendra, what are you doing?

K Taking off pants like Mummy

(D just laughs)

We rested for a bit on the bed (D watching cricket, me reading Kindle and the kids running circles around us in the bedroom and through the house). By rested I mean a good 10 minutes!

When it got quiet, I dashed out of there and for once, they're playing sweetly together.

They've taken to bossing one another - the styles are interesting. K is very much of the finger-wagging variety while C is louder and more insistent.

"No, Kenna, no touching! Veddy naughty" - D and I just purse our lips and try not to laugh.

But then we sensed an increase in the craziness and D and I decided to feed and bath them before they went over the edge.

Things they do quite happily 28 out of 30 days (picking up toys, etc) were a MISSION tonight.

I nearly put Kendra in time-out about 3 times just putting away toys.

She drags her feet and on 2, suddenly starts moving it. So I've increased the pace of the 1, 2, 3 to keep her on her toes.

But remember how stubborn I am? I supervised every last toy being put away because I refuse to be their slaves.

Still, I could hear The Shrew creeping into my voice and I could hear the edge to everything I was saying.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that turns into a shrew.

I can hear it, I hate it and I want to stop it but it's nigh impossible sometimes.

D also put Connor in time-out about 3 times today!

But then they played so sweetly together in the bath, chatting like two old ladies.

And at least we had some good times dressing and praying after the baths. With lots of "I love yous".

My darn cellphone provider's messaging options have somehow removed the option to save a message. Either that or I'm very challenged.

Press 1 to review, press 2 to delete, press 3, 4, 5, 6 but nothing to SAVE.

D told me he'd get them to do the whole "love you mummy, get well soon" that they left on my cell phone when I was in the hospital on my camera's video so I can keep it.

And one last aside, when I went to casualty, that was the first time I've taken anti-biotics ever. I know, I lead a very sheltered life. He prescribed something to take with the ABs and so I didn't have any diarrhoea. But this time, I didn't get anything else prescribed and it's been.... interesting.I think I've been about 12 times today.

Fortunately I had some of the other tabs left so could take those. But I think they were taken too late. The tabs are now done and tomorrow morning I have my last AB. Tomorrow I also get to phone the surgeon to discuss how I'm doing and when to go back to work. I'm thinking of going for half days from Wed but we'll see.

So how was your Sunday?

I still need to tell you about yesterday afternoon because I went to work and had a BALL! So did D - he had to drive me :)


  1. You are certainly not the only one who turns into a shrew. We all have our breaking points and some of us regularly at that. As a parent and a teacher I have melt downs. However as you have pointed out in your blog they can also be so sweet. That's why we love them so much!

  2. Hi, This is totally unrelated to this post but Glen and I remmebered the other thing that South Africans say all the time that cracks us up - it is 'you Oaks!' so funny. This was in relation to a post you had a couple of weeks ago about things wee say - South African's in particular.

  3. There was something in the air today! The girls were crazy! Luckily I worked all day.

    Did I miss the post that you started to bath them together??

    I hope you've rested!

  4. Urgh, today has been such a day. The school holidays need to get over now.

    Sounds like you have had quite a challenging time lately!

  5. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And with us it's normally Sundays that go haywire with the kids. Have no idea why.

  6. I find that when I am not 100% the kids melt down and are harder to "manage".

    The shrew visits regularly here - it happens. I embrace it and do what must be done :)

    We had the nicest Sunday - we did nothing :) The kids swam, Jack did what babies do and David and I ate our body weight in rubbish!

  7. I am so glad that you are doing well. And man, do kids not know a good day to really get the testing going. I tell you, they have an inborn alarm.

  8. My kiddies are "crazy" these last few days too....I think it's becuase Grams and Gramps are visitng though. It's so much harder to keep them in "check"....LOL!

    LOVE the picture and can't wait to see more! :)

  9. It's certainly a full moon here! Plus, I think it's easier to have bad kids ALL the time than it is to have good kids all the time and bad ones on occasion :)

  10. I love this glimpse into your crazy happy day. Maybe K got your stubborn streak;-)

  11. LOVE the picture. You look great, even if things are challenging lately.


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