Friday, October 14, 2011

This is straight from God... well, for me and some of you

I do so love when He has a little present just for me.

I'm doing this 31 days to ____ on the organising blog so I browsed the blogs participating and there's a girl from Nashville (living in Edinburgh - one of the cities with the most beautiful windows in the world) doing a series called...

31 days of courage

For new readers, my word of the year is courage and so I'm stoked - I've loved reading so far and will probably go back and re-read it all again.

So there you are - if you want to be more open, authentic, brave, fearless, courageous - go read the series


  1. I will have to go and read!

  2. Julia1:27 pm

    YEs! I saw that and meant to mail you the link. There are TONS of really good ones. Am thinking of adding them into GR just for the 31 days.

  3. I didn't know you were doing the 31 days as well. Will definitely ckeck out Annie's blog

  4. oh, my organising blog is at

  5. I love your word of the year. Right now I've decided my word is energy. I've been working out every day and eating right, taking my vitamins.

  6. So wonderful to get a gift like that. Will have to read.


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